Bluesound Professional Unveils Versatile In-Ceiling & Pendant Speakers


Bluesound Professional Unveils Versatile In-Ceiling & Pendant Speakers

Bluesound Professional Unveils Versatile In-Ceiling & Pendant Speakers

Bluesound Professional, a Lenbrook International brand, announced two new network streaming speaker systems: the BCS250 and BCS300. These versatile speakers offer both in-ceiling and pendant mounting options, making them ideal for a variety of commercial applications.

Key Features:

Two-way design: 

Delivers clear, balanced sound.


  • Passive coaxial speaker.
  • Connects to 70/100V networks for wider applications.
  • Requires external amplifier (B170S recommended).


  • Active PoE speaker with built-in amplifier and streamer.
  • Powered by a single Ethernet cable for simple installation.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the BluOS ecosystem for multi-zone control and streaming.

Pendant kit option: 

Easily transforms ceiling speakers into stylish pendant lamps.

Multiple streaming sources

Access music from SoundMachine, Qsic, Custom Channels, SiriusXM Music for Business, and more.

Pros and cons of Bluesound Professional Unveils Versatile In-Ceiling & Pendant Speakers


Versatility: The in-ceiling and pendant speaker options provide flexibility in installation, catering to various spatial requirements and design preferences.

High-Quality Sound: Bluesound Professional is known for its commitment to audio fidelity, ensuring that these speakers deliver clear, crisp sound.

Discreet Design: Both in-ceiling and pendant speakers offer a discreet aesthetic, blending seamlessly into the environment without compromising on sound quality.

Wide Coverage: The speakers are designed to provide broad sound coverage, ensuring that audio reaches every corner of the room evenly.

Professional Grade: Bluesound Professional is recognized for its professional-grade audio equipment, ensuring reliability and durability in commercial settings.

Integration: The speakers may integrate well with existing sound systems or smart home setups, enhancing their functionality and compatibility.

Customization Options: Users may have the option to customize certain features, such as color or grille design, to better suit their preferences or interior d├ęcor.


Installation Complexity: Installing in-ceiling or pendant speakers may require professional assistance, especially for wiring and placement, adding to the overall cost.

Limited Bass Response: In-ceiling and pendant speakers may not offer the same level of bass response as traditional floor-standing or bookshelf speakers, particularly in larger spaces.

Cost: Professional-grade audio equipment often comes with a higher price tag compared to consumer-grade alternatives, potentially posing a budgetary constraint for some users.

Space Limitations: In-ceiling and pendant speakers may not be suitable for all environments, especially those with low ceilings or limited overhead space.

Room Acoustics: The effectiveness of in-ceiling or pendant speakers can be influenced by room acoustics, requiring additional adjustments or acoustic treatments for optimal performance.

Compatibility: While Bluesound Professional speakers may integrate well with other Bluesound products, compatibility with third-party systems or devices may vary, potentially limiting connectivity options.

Maintenance Challenges: Cleaning or servicing in-ceiling or pendant speakers may be more challenging compared to freestanding alternatives, requiring specialized tools or equipment for access.

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