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advertise with us


As we know this is the digital era, and every businessman wants to grow their business offline as well as online. Because nobody has much time to promote their business by distributing templates and all. So they want if somebody promotes their business online or can advertise online then that is more beneficial for them. Advertising is important because it helps a business to make profits by allowing more people to know about the products and services and thus resulting in more sales.

Why Choose Us to Advertise With Us

There is some reason we are giving you by which you can choose us. We want you to read our stats so you can select the perfect one for you. We know your main focus is results and this is ours too. advertisement website.

On-Time Delivery on Advertise With Us

 Everybody in this world is busy and we know that time is money for each and every single person. It’s important to clear everything up before you think to advertise with us, So there is no need to worry about the delivery time, we will deliver your project within 24 hours of your request.

Visibility And Transparency

Our main focus is transparency, this is the right of any customer who is going to spend their money they need to know what they will get. We don’t want to hide anything and want to openness between buyer and seller. You have access to what is happening at all times.

What You Can Get in Advertise With Us

Now is the time to disclose, what will you get and where you can book your space on our website. We want to clear each and everything before you advertise with us. If you are thinking to work with us so here are the Specs of the advertisement. 

Here are the specs for our various ad elements which mostly match AIB Standards. Feel free to email us at ( with any questions as we are always here to help.

 300×250 newsletter (non-expandable) 200KB (max size) GIF, JPG, or PNG

• 300×250 site-wide and expandable to 300×600 – 200KB (max) GIF, JPG, or PNG

• 300×600 site-wide – 250KB (max) GIF, JPG or PNG and HTML5

• 970×250 site-wide – 300KB (max) GIF, JPG or PNG and HTML5


Our 970×540 “Mega billboard” ad requires a 970×90 image meeting the GIF/JPG/PNG max 200KB requirements along with an expanded 970×540 image limited to 750KB.

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