Denon D M41DAB Review

Denon D M41DAB Review

Denon D M41DAB Review

Review: Denon D M41DAB

With Bluetooth support, the Denon microsystem is even better.

Denon didn't really need to release a new microsystem. The multiple Award winner, D-M40DAB, is as firmly established in our most popular reviews list as Adele's recordings are in the world charts.

Logically, there are two explanations for the release of the D-M41DAB. Either this is an unobtrusive Denon reminder of the immutability of its leadership positions, or, given the almost two-year waiting period for new items, the company's desire to once again surpass itself.

Based on Denon's investment in the upgraded system, we're betting on the second option.


Denon D M41DAB Review

Even if the kit were otherwise unchanged, the first-ever inclusion of Bluetooth support (which can be turned on or off to avoid affecting the sound of the D-M41DAB when idle) is already reason enough to rejoice.

The lack of wireless functionality didn't stop us from giving Denon models the awards they deserved, but it was the only blemish on the line's impeccable biography.

Denon D M41DAB Review

Given the D-M40DAB's many strengths, the company's engineers took a big risk by taking on the task of redesigning the innards of their flagship microsystem.

Denon claims its new analog amplifier circuit improves sound clarity, while shortened signal paths and other measures avoid internal interference.

These innovations are part of Denon's triple noise reduction system, which also includes careful separation of analog and digital circuits and precision grounding.

In addition, the company claims that distortion from the input selector, volume control, and power amplifier is even more effectively suppressed, resulting in maximum sound clarity.


Denon D M41DAB Review

If the internal content of the Denon system has changed, then you can’t say about the appearance of this right away. The only obvious difference between the D-M41DAB and its predecessor is that the CD-drive tray and the display have been swapped so that the first one is now higher than the second one (as it was in the D-M39 model).

However, a closer look reveals that the display has become flatter, helping to reduce reflections. It's not conspicuous, but when comparing the two models head-to-head, the improvements are obvious.

In addition, the new Denon system was left without a USB port. You can still play music from external devices that do not support Bluetooth (for example, from old iPods) via analog and digital optical inputs, but you will have to forget about flash drives.

Denon D M41DAB Review

Like previous models, the D-M41DAB can be purchased with or without branded speakers. In the second case, look for a system in the catalogs called RCD-M41DAB for about £280. The speakers, SC-M41, cost £100 a pair. In total, we get £380 and the same D-M41DAB kit that we are getting acquainted with today.

In our previous testing of the Denon microsystem, we preferred its bundled speakers to any comparable competitor.

The new pair looks exactly the same, but the company announced an additional tuning of the 12cm mid/bass driver and 25mm soft dome tweeter to make the pairing even more harmonious. By purchasing the complete system, you will also receive new, stronger speaker cables.


Denon D M41DAB Review

So, the design has undergone quite serious changes, and this has definitely affected the sound quality. The D-M40DAB itself was superior to its predecessor in almost all respects, but in this case, the difference is even more striking. The very nature of the sound system has become noticeably more interesting.

Hot Chip's Made In The Dark from CD immediately reveals an expansion of the soundstage and an increase in detail. The dynamics became more expressive and developed, it is already noticeable in the initial sounds of the album in the intro to the composition Out At The Pictures.

By the time the music kicks in, it looks like Denon has spent the last two years on a mind-expanding retreat and is back from it, reinventing itself.

To say that the sound has become more straightforward would be too weak. The balance remained the same even, however, the system willingly surrenders to the power of changeable rhythms, demonstrating enviable confidence.

Denon D M41DAB Review

After experimenting with the placement of the SC-M41, we settled on mounting the speakers farther from the back wall than the width of a typical shelf would allow – but even if you place them close together, the tonal character doesn't suffer too much. The ability to create a solid and stable sound without wall support is another big plus for Denon.

We've been hinting to Denon for a long time that their systems could use Bluetooth support, and our pleas have finally been answered. The reduction in source material quality from CD to Spotify streaming does not detract from the D-M41DAB's sonic prowess.

Denon D M41DAB Review

By changing the tone with the help of Ryan Adams' Heartbreaker, we were convinced that the energy of Hot Chip can be exchanged without regrets for the delicate elegance of the most delicate passages of this album.

But despite the ease with which the acoustic guitar picks on songs like Oh My Sweet Carolina, the Denon does nothing to diminish the weight of Adams' voice.

The combination of bass stability and dynamic expressiveness makes this microsystem sound remarkably human.


Denon could have simply added Bluetooth support to remove the single item from the cons column. But, fortunately, she did not stop there.

If the D-M41DAB - which we strongly recommend not to separate from the complete speakers - did not multiply its predecessor by zero, it definitely pushed it into the shadows.

Many significant changes have been made to the new model, forming a sound character that can compete on equal terms with strong equivalent systems from individual components.

We knew the new system would be good, but we had no idea how good it would be.


Improvement in every aspect of the sound of its predecessor

Long-awaited Bluetooth support

Perfect match with SC-M41 speakers


Nothing for this price

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Denon D M41DAB  Specifications 

Media devices: CD-RW - playback

Number of disks: 1

Supported formats: CD-DA, MP3, WMA

Input voltage: 230V AC

Inputs and outputs

Headphone Out (Front) / Antenna (Rear) / Stereo Line In (Rear) / Subwoofer Out (Rear) / 2 Toslink S/PDIF Ins (Rear) / 2 Banana Jacks (Rear)


Output Power: 60W RMS, 1kHz @ 6 ohms

Tuners: DAB, DAB+, FM

Output power (W): 2 x 30

Bluetooth: Yes

Inputs: analog, 2 optical digital

Outputs: subwoofer, headphones

Dimensions (HxWxD): 12 x 21 x 31 cm

Weight: 4 kg

Finishes: 2

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