SVS Sb 1000 Pro vs 2000 Pro

SVS Sb 1000 Pro vs 2000 Pro

SVS Sb 1000 Pro vs 2000 Pro
image credit: SVS

SVS Sb 1000 Pro vs 2000 Pro

The American company SVS was founded at the end of the last century and today is well known to all movie and music lovers as a manufacturer of a wide range of subwoofers. We decided to acquaint our readers with these interesting solutions in more detail and took one characteristic model in each of the five series.

Pros And Cons

SVS Pb 1000 Pro


Very compact size, good-looking, and well-built subwoofer

Wide-range, high-resolution, and precise DSP bass-response adjustments

The sufficiently powerful onboard amplifier

Bluetooth wireless control using a smart-device app

The abundant quantity of quality bass



SVS Pb 2000 Pro


Big bass punch from a small form factor

Excellent value

Versatile smartphone control app


No auto-calibration/room EQ feature


SVS Pb 1000 Pro $599.00 on Amazon

SVS Pb 2000 Pro $899.00 on Amazon

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image credit: SVS

Features and Specifications

SVS Pb 1000 Pro

When the enclosed subwoofer is equipped with a powerful amplifier and a quality driver, you can expect deep and clear bass. But only if such a system is properly managed. To meet this challenge, the SVS SB-2000 is equipped with a powerful DSP that can be controlled via iOS or Android apps. It has all the settings you need to get the best bass sound from your subwoofer.

DRIVE UNITS: 1 x 12in fibre composite woofer ENCLOSURE: Sealed FREQUENCY RESPONSE (CLAIMED): 20Hz-270Hz (+/-3dB) ONBOARD POWER (CLAIMED): 325W (820W peak) Sledge Class D amp REMOTE CONTROL: No. Bluetooth app instead DIMENSIONS: 342(h) x 330(w) x 375(d)mm WEIGHT: 11.1kg

FEATURES: Low-level stereo phono input; LFE phono input; low-level stereo phono output; stereo speaker-level inputs; 12V trigger; SVS Bluetooth app with three-band parametric EQ; crossover and phase control; Movie, Music, and Custom presets; Intelligent Control Interface; Analogue Devices Audio 56-bit DSP; supports SVS SoundPath wireless audio adapter

SVS Pb 2000 Pro

Unboxing the SB-2000 Pro is easy thanks to its modest size. It weighs 17.5 kg, which indirectly indicates the quality of the design, but one person can easily handle its installation. SVS accompanies its models with detailed installation and configuration instructions, which is very convenient. Thanks to this, even an inexperienced user can easily cope with this work.

The finish quality of the SVS SB-2000 is also very high. At one time, I was impressed by the black piano lacquer on the JL Audio subwoofer, and now, stroking my reflection in the SVS model, I must admit that it is no worse here. In addition, the new sub has rounded edges and, most importantly, a fabric grill that actually looks much better than the metal grills commonly used by SVS.

The SB-2000 Pro takes full advantage of the SB-2000 but adds mobile-controlled DSP, fabric grill, new 12" woofer, and 10% more powerful amplifier. The result is a subwoofer capable of reproducing the deep bass required for home theater (and some genres of music) combined with bass density and precision to deliver any kind of music. It can be said that truly deep and detailed bass is always needed in a system if you want to get a faithful reproduction of both music and movies.

The Competition

SVS SB 1000 Pro vs 2000 Pro

We were fortunate enough to have both the SB-1000 Pro and its bigger brother the SB-2000 Pro in at the same time, so we could do a direct comparison. The biggest difference is, quite simply, power. The SB-2000 Pro offers 550 watts RMS versus 325 for the SB-1000 Pro. It has significantly more oomph and is ideal if you have a larger room you need to fill. Beyond that, the only real difference is the price—$799 versus $500— and the fact that on the SB-2000, there is no speaker line-level inputs (which are useful for when you have older equipment). Ultimately, these two subwoofers are simply two different flavors of the same product, and neither is better than the other. You should make your choice based on the size of your room, and how much power you need.


SVS Sb 1000 Pro

SVS really raises the bar on what a subwoofer in this price range ($500-600) can offer with the SB-1000 Pro. It is a brilliantly designed little subwoofer with features and performance belying its budget price.

SVS Sb 2000 Pro

Small but perfectly formed, this powerful sealed sub delivers deep bass from minimal space. Add in the Bluetooth control app, and at this price, it's hard to resist.

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