DALI Rubicon 2 Review

DALI Rubicon 2 Review

DALI Rubicon 2 Review

DALI Rubicon 2 Review

Here's How Good Home Speakers Should Play

The Danish company DALI has a very wide range of acoustics, which is also regularly updated. At the same time, developers and marketers cope with a very difficult task from year to year: to maintain a single sound signature and an equally interesting price/quality ratio in each price group. All this allows connoisseurs of the brand to easily upgrade, moving up the lineup. Only one question remains: which series can be stopped in search of perfection? There is an opinion that Rubicon is exactly that level.

Traditions and technologies

The way in which DALI engineers achieve a consistent sound character is no big secret - the same materials and technologies are used in all models. The difference in sound quality from series to series is determined only by the number and novelty of the applied technological solutions. And Rubicon is no exception in this regard.

DALI Rubicon 2 Review

The appearance of the DALI Rubicon is quite recognizable

The mid/bass driver has a well-recognizable dark red paper cone. In its composition, ordinary cellulose pulp is reinforced with coarser and stiffer wood fibers, which allows achieving a higher strength of the diffuser for efficient operation in piston mode. In addition, a mixture of fibers of different densities makes the internal structure of the diffuser non-uniform, thereby minimizing internal resonances.

The design of the speaker uses a ring ferrite magnet, and for better distribution of the magnetic field in the core of the magnetic system, a soft magnetic compound SMC and a perforated copper cap are used. This approach minimizes distortion and makes the sound extremely clear at all volume levels.

DALI Rubicon 2 Review

Proprietary drivers with cellulose cones reinforced with wood fibers are found in different DALI models

High frequencies are reproduced by a soft dome tweeter. It's larger 29mm size provides more convincing low-end reproduction and, as a result, better matching with the larger 165mm mid/bass driver.

Out of time

In terms of design, this feature of the DALI Rubicon 2 is timeless. The placement of emitters and the general appearance of the facade are reminiscent of several series released in recent years, including the flagship Epicon 2. The shape of the cabinet, with curved front and back panels, is somewhat similar to the shapes of the Mentor series speakers. It would seem that there are no new components, but it looks quite fresh and modern. There is no frank luxury and pathos of Epicon, but it looks expensive and solid.

The tested version was finished in walnut veneer, and there are four options in total. Another veneer color is mahogany, black or white lacquer. Depending on the interior, different options will look more advantageous. In the interior of the AV Comfort salon, where the testing took place, it was the walnut version that fits perfectly, and it would be difficult for me to imagine another one in its place.

DALI Rubicon 2 Review

With or without a grill, the shining DALI logo will always be in front of your eyes

The classic fastenings of the grills with pins are cunningly combined with the fastening points of the speakers - as a result, there is one “extra” hole on the facade in the upper part of the decorative tweeter overlay, and it does not spoil the appearance at all, rather adds intrigue. Another accent: a polished logo, which is present on the grill and on the speaker cabinet.

On the brink of perfection

As a source and amplifier, I chose Quad Artera Solus - a device that is not only well-known but also well-proven. High resolution, neutral tonal balance, and a powerful punchy amplifier are just what our test subjects should be.

The first sensation that arose while listening to the Rubicon 2 was the absence of any audible coloration and distortion introduced by acoustics. The hackneyed phrases that “the speakers seem to have disappeared into the room, leaving us alone with the music” are fully applicable to this situation and quite literally. With a classical arrangement with the direction of the radiation axis towards the listener, you can get a voluminous and realistic sound picture that is not tied to acoustics in terms of localization. The only thing that allows us to understand that we are not seeing spherical rainbow super monitors filled with magic, but quite real home shelf speakers is the nature of the sound of low frequencies.

DALI Rubicon 2 Review

The curved front of the case is not only beautiful but also effective in terms of scattering reflected sound waves.

The bookshelves are capable of reproducing fairly deep bass notes, but the moment when the bass reflex kicks in is easy to hear. On Josefine Cronholm's "In Your Wild Garden", the double bass sounded like a roller coaster ride. The main melody sounded extremely clear, but it was mostly the upper bass, which gave the impression that the acoustics played frankly in a shelf style, without trying to reproduce the lower notes. And suddenly a phase inverter comes into play, instead of the expected failure, giving out quite a weighty and comprehensive bass that surrounds the listening place from all sides. It is clear that, in contrast to the focused notes of the upper bass, the lower notes are less collected and accurate, but in most musical genres this presentation did not create serious problems.

DALI Rubicon 2 Review

The flanges of both speakers have a soft rubberized surface

Classical music, jazz, blues, and rock sounded full, without causing a desire to interfere with the system configuration. On metal and heavy alternative music, I lacked the density and saturation in the sound of the middle bass, but at the same time, I was pleased with the intelligible sound of the guitars, the ability of acoustics to clearly work out high-speed moments and convey the energy of the performance as a whole. To finally make Rubicon 2 friends with these genres, I would use bass reflex plugs and a powerful subwoofer with a closed cabinet. By the way, for electronic dance music, I recommend the same recipe.

DALI Rubicon 2 Review

Powerful terminals and a phase inverter on screws - everything is very serious!

With the exception of this moment, a general description of the nature of the sound of acoustics can be considered complete, because there are absolutely no complaints about the reproduction of the rest of the frequency range. The acoustics are perfectly tonally balanced and reproduce the music authentically.

Subtle entities

While listening to David Bowie's "Blackstar" I noticed how deeply and accurately the Rubicon 2 worked out the subtle nuances of the vocal parts. A tense, slightly trembling voice gave depth and fullness to the overall picture. The high level of detail was also evident on the song "Muddy Waters" LP - every voice in the choir, and every noisemaker in the percussion part could be decomposed into separate sounds. But giving such an opportunity, DALI Rubicon 2 does not call for this in any way, rather, on the contrary, they strive to present the music as a whole, as a single canvas. There are more emotions and energy in the presentation than analytics and attention to individual components.

DALI Rubicon 2 Review

The polished natural veneer looks great

I really liked how boldly and beautifully the acoustics work out dynamic bursts and silence suddenly hanging in the air. It felt great on "Hedonism" by Skunk Anansie and "Fever" by Elvis. With everything related to dynamics, including working out fast moments and sharp transitions from piano to forte, shelf speakers cope with dignity - this was clearly demonstrated by the symphonic classics. It is important to note that the acoustics sound equally interesting at different volume levels. Does not hide nuances when it sounds quiet, and does not go into overload when the volume knob is twisted from the heart.


The DALI Rubicon 2 is a perfect example of what a good home speaker should sound like: balanced and detailed, comfortable and expressive. Even considering the considerable price, they have no significant drawbacks either in terms of appearance or in terms of sound. The name of the series should be taken literally: Rubicon is really that line, after crossing which you will not want to come back.


Well-balanced and expressive sound, interesting design, good choice of finishes




DALI Rubicon 2

DALI Rubicon 2 Specs

Acoustic design: bass-reflex

Frequency Range: 50-26000Hz (+/- 3dB)

Tweeter: 29 mm, fabric dome

Midrange/woofer: 165 mm paper cone reinforced with wood fiber

Crossover Frequency: 3100Hz

Sensitivity: 87 dB

Impedance: 4 ohm

Recommended Amplifier Power: 40-150W

Dimensions: 353x195x335 mm

Weight: 8 kg

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