Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet Review,

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet Review,

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet Review

Decoupling is half the hi-fi life. We at LowBeats have been following this assessment since the founding of our online platform. The Italian high-end rack manufacturer Bassocontinuo has a great deal of experience in the areas of coupling and decoupling and now - based on this knowledge - has now developed a range of still affordable feet: the Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet.

The structure of the Ultra Feet is not entirely clear from the description. But one can assume that a special elastomer, of varying strength depending on the weight requirement, achieves the damping effect. And experience has shown that you should also stick to the specifications: A super-light CD player on four Ultra Feet of the Level 5 class should sound significantly worse than on the Level 2 class feet intended for it. Here is an overview of the different levels:

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet

The Italians not only relied on their experience and their ears during the development, but also gave the project to a test laboratory. Confirmation came from the test laboratory: everything is OK, you can do it like this. The weight-dependent cushioning works great.

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet

The Italians have published the measurement results of the Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet. And they look pretty neat. As you can see, there are quite small differences depending on the weight class of the Ultra Feet - especially in the bass range:

Wisely, all Ultra Feet are also adjustable in height. The Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet are now available from authorized retailers either as a set of three or four at the following prices (RRP):

LEVEL 2: set of three = 178 euros; Set of four = 225 euros

LEVEL 3: Set of three = 189 euros; Set of four = 236 euros

LEVEL 4: Set of three = 279 euros; Set of four = 366 euros

LEVEL 5: Set of three = 386 euros; Set of four = 488 euros

Another model called LEVEL 1 will complete the range at a later date.

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