Nubert nuPro X-4000 Review

Nubert nuPro X-4000 Review

Nubert nuPro X-4000 Review

Nubert nuPro X-4000 Review

Nubert loudspeakers are always surrounded by the aura of solidity. The Nubert nuPro X-4000 model presented and tested here is no exception. This is not only due to the boxes alone, but also to the company owner and namesake. "Nubert electronic GmbH" has existed since 1975 and could have grown a lot - if Günther Nubert had wanted to. But the native Swabian didn't want to, he stuck to his "last" and has thus mastered all crises in the industry with growth.

As always, the company's headquarters are in Schwäbisch-Gmünd, and its products are only available in Europe. It was not until 1995 that he began direct nationwide sales of his loudspeakers. The following year, LowBeats colleague Jürgen Schröder tested the first pair of Nuberts for stereo play and was enthusiastic: "At the time, we were all completely blown away by how vastly superior the box was to all competitors," he said later in an interview with ZEIT . Günther Nubert's secret of success is thus sufficiently described, he has been doing what he does best for over 40 years: comparatively inexpensive loudspeakers. But that also means no expansion into the USA, no unnecessary gimmicks, and concentration on the essentials.

The chassis of the Nubert nuPro X-4000 come from Peerless, once a proud Danish company, now a Tymphany brand and "made in China". Nubert makes no secret of this because it does not detract from the quality at all. Perhaps even on the contrary... "Our customers and we would not really benefit from in-house production because there are highly specialized manufacturers who have incredible know-how in production technology and can therefore offer an extremely high series consistency," says Nubert . His motto: "Take a good chassis and make a better one out of it". Its developers with the Nubert nuPro X series have succeeded perfectly. Feat: With an active box, in which each driver is driven by its own power amplifier, the high and low-midrange drivers can be optimally exhausted.

Nubert nuPro X-4000 Review

Active loudspeakers have been in the Nubert range since 2011. Right from the start, a professional target group was also in sight, that of sound engineers. In addition to the indispensable, unadulterated sound reproduction, these also require special connections. That's why the Nubert nuPro X-4000 has an AES/XLR input. A wish that was expressed again and again in the Nubert forum and finally answered. No wonder, really, because the managing director of Nubert, Roland Spiegler, often communicates with the users in the forum. In this way, he finds out unfiltered what the customer wants - and incorporates these wishes...

Compared to the previous model, contact via Bluetooth including aptX support has now been added. This is used less in the studio but is undeniably very useful at home, as is the wireless pairing of a pair of nuPro X-4000s. These radios each other in the 5.8 gigahertz band, absolutely without delay and without any noticeable time delay. That's convenient and fits in with the times: Technology likes to be unobtrusive, especially without integrating it into the living room at home. The professionals are grateful for the USB connection, and the four digital inputs also make the ambitious amateur happy. In addition, the digital inputs now also accept signals up to 24-bit/192 kHz. For analog players such as the Yamaha Wireless Streaming Adapter WXAD-10 (test coming soon), which is also available in a bundle with the nuPro X-4000, a cinch connection is available. A USB type B socket and a subwoofer output complete the extensive connection package.

Nubert nuPro X-4000 Review

If you don't trust the wireless connection, you can still connect a pair of boxes to the link sockets - a suitable cable is included with each box - as well as an extremely practical HDMI to USB adapter. This makes it possible to transmit the sound from a television to the active box and control it with the TV remote control ( ARC support required ). Inside the box is the same electronics as in the smaller sister nuPro X-3000 tested by LowBeats , but with more power; now up to 180 watts sinus can be requested.

active compact speaker Nubert nuPro X-4000

The fabric tweeter with a diameter of 25 mm was also adopted. The mid-bass driver with a polypropylene composite cone has grown to a diameter of 17 cm (comparison X-3000 : 15 cm). The mid-bass driver has a conspicuously bulging bead, which is more likely to be found on subwoofers, and which allows for astonishingly large deflection movements. This is reflected in both the maximum level and the draft: Our measurements range up to 30 Hertz. At the top, 22,000 Hertz is the end. In both models, a limiter ensures that the tweeter is not damaged when full power is used. That means: Above a certain level, the tweeter just doesn't get any louder. The LowBeats level stability measurements prove the effectiveness of the limiter:

The housing volume has also increased, which now comes to 17 liters (dimensions: 32 x 20.5 x 26 cm (H x W x D), about a third more than that of its smaller sister, but still extremely compact. The X- 4000 is basically the successor to the A-300 from the nuPro predecessor series, but can do a lot more because of the new electronics platform and is also optically mature. The drivers are integrated into the housing without visible screws; they are under a fixed Rubber ring that reduces resonances and reflections. The well-known display on the front is particularly eye-catching, but this is no longer a TFT in this model generation, but an easy-to-read OLED. It helps with the basic setting and displays the respective operating status.

active compact speaker Nubert nuPro X-4000

In contrast to many conventional pairs of active speakers, the complete amplifier electronics are always in each box in this series. Thus, a speaker can also be operated individually. This also explains why every single nuPro X-4000 includes a wide range of accessories, including a remote control.

The setting of the Nubert nuPro X-4000

The basic settings are relatively simple and can be made quickly on the box using rubber buttons and the aforementioned OLED display. First, you have to decide which box should play the left and which should play the right channel of the stereo signal. Then it's time for pairing. Here it is now necessary to specify in the setup menu which of the two loudspeakers may play the role of the WLS master and who must submit as a slave. If this does not happen, each box is controlled individually, including the volume setting. Everything is actually done with that because all other settings can be made via Bluetooth and the Nubert app X-Remote, which is more convenient. It's a shame that the app can only be used in vertical mode, which is acceptable with a smartphone but a bit annoying with a tablet.

It is a bit strange that the entire menu navigation of the app is in English. But normally that shouldn't be a problem anymore. In an emergency, there is the Nubert hotline ( 0800 6823780). But most of it is actually self-explanatory. Although I had only had a few points of contact with Nubert products before, I got along well with the setting and found it to be really practical. Adjusting the filters isn't rocket science either. You should throw off your shyness and definitely try it out: Many drone problems can be avoided with a clever design of the high-pass filter. On the other hand, the 5-band equalizer should be activated for installation on the sideboard. Even without a measurement microphone, you can quickly see that reducing the level by 240 Hertz provides more clarity in the lower mids.

This is how the Nubert nuPro X-4000 sounds

The consistent digital signal processing in all nuPro X models has significantly reduced the background noise that was often criticized in the predecessors, even if you sit very close to the speakers, which is already in the name of near-field monitors. The sound is unexpectedly voluminous, and the impression of space is considerably larger than the compact dimensions would suggest. In a blind test, most listeners would certainly bet on significantly larger speakers. The nuPro X-4000 not only penetrates the deepest basement on paper but also makes the table service rattle in real life. Very few customers will seriously need an additional subwoofer.

A studio monitor should or must be absolutely neutral in terms of its purpose. The Nubert nuPro X-4000 also sounds largely neutral, but treats itself to a fairly powerful bass with a warm basic tone - which certainly corresponds to a currently prevailing sound ideal. And yet the X-4000 manages to place even rich bass in the room in a really crisp and precise manner. If you want an idea of ​​what the X-4000 is capable of, check out one of the Infected Mushroom tracks we keep handy in the listening roomallude. Few loudspeakers of this size are likely to be as powerful as the bass drums are pounded into the listening room by the Nubert. It was so hearty that we had people with amalgam fillings sign a liability release for insurance reasons before they were allowed into the listening room... OK, just kidding, we're talking about a near-field monitor here. But what the Nubert nuPro X-4000 delivers in terms of levels is really extraordinary.

And the little one can not only shine in the bass and level range. The clean, at times somewhat "smooth" mid-range reproduction lets even rough saxophones sound with great neutrality. The X-4000 also convincingly succeeds in working out the voice characteristic. Peter Gabriel's "The Boy In The Bubble" ( Album: Scratch My Back ) gives you goosebumps and pulls the listener very close to the microphone. Just as Nubert's representation of space is very convincing, very plastic. But we already knew that from the small X-3000 , which also sounds a few nuances lighter and more playful in the mids.

Nubert nuPro X-4000 Review

And then of course this question arises: The small X-3000 costs €695.00 / piece, and the slightly larger X-4000 is almost 200 euros more. Same electronics, same equipment, same tweeter: is it worth the surcharge at this point? In terms of sound, the comparison is pari/pari. The X-3000 sounds a little more subtle in the upper mids, the X-4000 not only has significantly more volume and more depth but it also - if you raise the level control significantly - a lot less distortion. You can hear that.

And so, as always, it is a question of requirements. As no desktop monitor, the X-3000 is probably a better choice. For all those who want to let the cow fly, the 400 euros more for the X-4000 are well spent...


A pair of speakers that is fun and makes you wonder if you ever needed more. We were already full of praise for the level of possibilities of the small X-3000. The X-4000 adds several pounds to that. The clever combination of subwoofer woofer and tweeter plus limiter allows brute levels here - without anything breaking. Maybe your ears will get damaged if you sit too close...

And just like the X-3000, we can attest to the really practical operation of the X-4000 via the app and a highly pleasing variety of equipment. Basically, all you need are sources such as a streaming client or Bluetooth smartphone and the system is done. The new generation Nubert numero X is actually up to date here - which also raises the  X-4000 significantly above its predecessor A-300. And the fact that the 4000s also sounds ambitiously good makes things all the more rounded. Test result: outstanding.

Price€895.00 / piece

Official Website: Nubert

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