Naim for Bently

Naim for Bently

Naim for Bently

Automakers have long and closely cooperated with audio brands in matters of car audio. Systems from Bang & Olufsen can be found in Aston Martin and Audi, Burmester in Mercedes-Benz, Bowers & Wilkins in BMW and Maserati, Meridian is responsible for the sound in Jaguar and Land Rover, and Mark Levinson in Lexus.

Reverse collaborations, where an audio company releases a product that reflects a collaboration with the auto industry, are much less common. From the latest cases, we can recall special versions of Klipsch headphones in collaboration with McLaren. Today we will talk about another such collaboration.

Naim for Bently

The British company Naim is highly respected and in demand in the audiophile community, while the price of their amplifiers can range from a few to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Since 2008, Naim has been the exclusive partner of fellow Bentleys as a supplier of premium audio systems for their luxury vehicles. It's no secret that Bentley cars are rated as some of the best on the market. Naim's audio systems for Bentley are praised in the automotive press for their excellent sound quality and are considered best in a class by some reviewers.

Naim and the French company Focal, a manufacturer of Hi-Fi and high-end headphones and speaker systems, became part of the same family in 2011. Since then, it is not uncommon for them to involve both teams of engineers in joint developments.

Naim for Bently

As part of a triple brand collaboration between Focal, Naim, and Bentley, two extremely interesting and successful products were released this year: the second generation Naim Mu-So Bentley Special Edition wireless speaker system and the Focal Bentley Radiance high-end headphones. We have already published a review of the latter, so today we will focus on the special version of the Naim Mu-So.

Vyglyadit novinka na poryadok kruche svoikh predshestvennikov (da i bol'shinstva podobnykh ustroystv v printsipe). Vneshniy oblik besprovodnoy akustiki vdokhnovlen kontsept-karom EXP 100GT i vklyuchayet v sebya aktsenty mednogo tsveta i uznavayemyy reshetchatyy dizayn Bentley.

The novelty looks much cooler than its predecessors (and most of these devices in principle). The exterior of the wireless speaker is inspired by the EXP 100GT concept car and includes copper accents and Bentley's signature grille design.

The base of the system is a massive backlit acrylic slab with company logos. However, first of all, its function is not decorative, but utilitarian - to dampen the enormous power of a relatively small device. Although size is a relative thing, next to the usual small portable speaker, the Naim Mu-So 2 (a little over 60 centimeters in length and weighing 11.2 kilograms) seems huge. But for a system with 6 speakers with a total power of 450 watts, the acoustics turned out to be very compact.

Naim for Bently

The body of the device is made of aluminum with an external finish of sustainable African Abacha wood (Ayous), which has been repeatedly painted and varnished to achieve a shiny smoky black surface. In addition, the case has an internal acoustic chamber made of wood.

The front panel is a weave grill with copper accents. The entire rear panel is a large aluminum heatsink to ensure the thermal stability of the system's electronic components.

The multi-brightness touch-panel volume control sits on the top and is surrounded by a Bentley grille. The motion sensor lights up the backlight of the controller when you bring your hand to it - a nice little thing that reflects the whole approach to designing the device.

Naim for Bently

In the box with the speaker, you can find a remote control, a network cable, a reset tool, and Bentley-branded booklets with a user manual and other information. Nothing superfluous, all the emphasis on the Naim Mu-So for Bentley Special Edition system itself.

Features and functions

Recall that the total power of the system is 450 watts. 3-way stereo construction: 6 specially designed drivers optimized by the Focal engineering team and a powerful 16-core 32-bit digital signal processor (audio support up to 32bit/384kHz).

The Naim Mu-So allows you to use many options for both wired and wireless connections. Let's start with the latest: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, compatibility with numerous streaming services and standards - AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, UPnP, Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Qobuz, Apple Music, and various Internet radios. For a wired connection, there are a standard 3.5 mm jack, Ethernet (if you prefer the reliability of a wired Internet), optical, HDMI and USB connectors. The latter allows you to use memory cards or hard drives, while HDMI or optics turn the system into a first-class soundbar for movies or video games. The Naim Mu-So for Bentley Special Edition is also Room Ready and can also be used as a multi-room speaker with other Naim speakers or compatible audio players.

Naim for Bently

There are 3 ways to control Mu-So: iOS/Android app, remote control, or tactile dial on the top panel.

The complete remote control looks rustic against the background of the system itself, two other control methods seemed much more convenient and interesting to us. Nevertheless, the addition is useful.

The controller on the top panel is tactilely pleasing, making it easier to control the main functions when you are near the speaker.

The rest of the time, the Naim smartphone app helps - besides, access to control of some functions is only in it. These include auto-standby time, room compensation and maximum volume setting, alarm function, sleep timer, and multi-room setting. You can also set your favorites on the tactile disc via the Naim app - there are five quick play slots available.

Intelligent room-to-room correction ensures optimal sound no matter where the speakers are placed.

Naim for Bently


If you suddenly think that the high price is due to the brand and extravagant design, and not the performance of Mu-So, do not worry. Naim for Bentley automotive systems are rated as the best, and both companies have tried to bring this experience to the home.

Let's just say - the sound struck us. From a relatively small "bar" you do not expect to hear such a clear and transparent Hi-Fi sound with high detail at the top and in the middle and powerful pressure from below. We enjoyed testing Mu-So in different scenarios - with streaming, USB drives, over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and by wire. Separately, we note the work as an alternative to the soundbar - with Mu-So for Bentley, the video sequence acquires impressive and extremely convincing sound support.

Thus, the second generation Naim Mu-So can act as a centerpiece in the living room, successfully fulfilling all the needs of its owners related to sound with excellent quality. If for some reason a large classic Hi-Fi stereo cannot be placed in the room, Naim Mu-So can be a good alternative.

Naim for Bently


The Naim Mu-So for Bentley Special Edition looks great and sounds even better. The list of possibilities meets almost any request. Room correction provides installation versatility. Everything about this system is top-notch. It also costs less than any Bentley.

The system is already available at audio46, Naim Mu-So for Bentley.

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