Sennheiser HD 250BT on-ear review

Sennheiser's earphones have always stood for reliability, comfort and superior sound quality. And also a fairly high cost. But, as recent tests have shown, if you want, you can get excellent sound quality without a solid financial investment. It is enough to purchase a new development of the German manufacturer - Sennheiser HD 250BT on-ear wireless headphones.

Sennheiser HD 250BT on-ear review

Sennheiser HD 250BT on-ear review

Today we will present a detailed review of these headphones. Let's write down their characteristics. Let's talk about design and functional features. Let's assess the quality of the speakers and microphone. At the end of the article, we will outline the main pros and cons of the device, after which we will assess the feasibility of purchasing it.

Sennheiser HD 250BT specifications

Before proceeding with the description of the capabilities of the mentioned headphones, we attach a table with their main characteristics. This will help readers to roughly evaluate the parameters of the device, including the connection and design features, the characteristics of the speaker and microphone, the functionality and autonomy of the headphones. In the following sections of the review, we will look at the characteristics of the Sennheiser HD 250BT in a more detailed format.

Sennheiser HD 250BT Wireless Headphones Package Contents

 The monitored headset is sold in a discreet package made of thick cardboard. Inside the box are the headphones themselves, USB-C charging and documentation (instructions for connecting and operating). The manufacturer did not add any additional accessories. Although, given the low cost of the Sennheiser HD 250BT, it was clearly not worth hoping for an extensive package.

Sennheiser HD 250BT on-ear review

Design and construction of the Sennheiser HD 250BT over-ear headphones

The design of the headphones is very modest. They do not stand out against the background of analogs. Sennheiser HD 250BT headphones are made of fairly high-quality plastic. The product is completely black (except for the white manufacturer's logos on the bowls). On the one hand, this solution looks stylish. On the other hand, it is everyday. Many users want their headphones to be bright, and the Sennheiser HD 250BT is characterized by fading and monotony. Here, as they say, for an amateur.

The headphones are lightweight (125 g) and easy to use. The headband is made without the use of soft materials. But the ear cushions are soft and fit perfectly to the ears. Moreover, they are removable, so as they wear out, they can be easily exchanged for new counterparts. There is no active noise cancellation in the headphones, but the basic sound insulation is very good.

The ear cups rotate only slightly, which causes inconvenience when wearing the headphones around your neck. On the right side there is a charger connector, a microphone, an indicator and three small mechanical control buttons (responsible for playing audio files, receiving phone calls and pairing via Bluetooth). There are no sensory elements.

On the head, the headphones "fit" perfectly. Feeling of comfort at the proper level. Although after 2-3 hours of use, I want to take a short break, since certain discomfort arises from wearing the headphones for so long.

In general, the impressions from using the Sennheiser HD 250BT headphones are positive. The only caveat is the inconvenient adjustment of the headband length (at the time of adjustment, the plastic is quickly overwritten). But if the user has one headphone, then this aspect is not fundamental.

Sennheiser HD 250BT on-ear review

Sound Sennheiser HD 250BT

Earlier we said that the monitored headphones have a rather modest appearance. But it is simply impossible to say the same about the quality of the reproduced sound. The sound here is just great. Low frequencies are worked out excellently, mids and highs are also very good (albeit not ideal, but certainly balanced).

These headphones are perfect for listening to any music (although there are still problems with the vocal component). The sound is even better than many wired models. The only serious disadvantage is the lack of a serious volume reserve. For those who like to “listen at maximum speed”, the volume indicator may seem insufficient.

The frequency range is standard - from 20 Hz to 22 kHz. Connection to a smartphone and other devices is carried out using Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Switching sound when changing the source occurs with a slight delay (it really is almost invisible).

Hearing on the phone is normal. The interlocutors do not complain about this parameter either. But this is only if the conversation takes place in a quiet environment. When communicating in noisy places, audibility deteriorates noticeably.

Sennheiser HD 250BT on-ear review

Sennheiser HD 250BT Bluetooth headphone software and autonomy

Smartphones are connected as standard. To adjust the headphone settings, you need the special Sennheiser Smart Control app. With it, you can find out the percentage of battery power, change the equalizer settings, and even install a new firmware version.

The autonomy of these headphones is excellent. A full charge lasts approximately 25 hours in active mode (at medium volume). You can charge your headphones using the supplied USB-C cable. Waiting for 100% filling of the charge takes about 3 hours

Sennheiser HD 250BT on-ear review

Should you buy the Sennheiser HD 250BT?

The headphones are very good, but they also have disadvantages. Next, we will summarize the review, presenting the main advantages and disadvantages of the product.

The advantages of the Sennheiser HD 250BT include:

lightness and reliability of the design;

high-quality balanced sound;

an excellent indicator of autonomy.

The disadvantages of the Sennheiser HD 250BT are as follows:

inconvenience of adjusting the headband;

small volume reserve;

average microphone.

These earbuds have a simple design, so they don't initially attract attention. But if you understand their capabilities, the view will surely change. The sound quality alone is admirable. If you can buy a Sennheiser HD 250BT, it's definitely worth doing. Especially for bass lovers. However, if headphones are required not only for listening to music, but also for conversations, then it is better to look for another option. Audibility is frankly weak here.

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