Dynaudio Emit M20 REVIEW

 DYNAYIDO Emit M20 Book Shelf Speakers

Dynamically, these speakers are forever on the move, proving equally adept at handling major changes as their delicate ones. whereas some speakers may well be nice for less than sure genres of music, the M20s are comfy handling no matter what you throw at them, be it rock, pop, jazz, classical, or one thing in between. You'll have to be compelled to place them with a good little bit of area to urge the most effective of their tonal balance, however, once you are doing there' no trying back.

Dynaudio Emit M20 review

If you browse July’s What Hi-Fi?, you’ll have seen that the Dynaudio M10 bookshelves (£500) created an enormous impression, sound the B&W 685 S2s, betray Product of the Year winners, off their pedestal. That takes some doing.

currently, it’s the flip of the Emit M20s – larger versions of their spectacular siblings – to undertake and create their mark.

Place them side-by-side and therefore the M10s and M20s are adored one amongst those Russian dolls, same dimensions however made to a unique scale.

Build and Compatibility


They every sport a cloth lacquer (available in either white or black) and driver-dominated baffle that, due to asymmetrical smattering of screws bordering the drivers, look like it's been used as target practice however it’s not merely the M20’s 36cm height and 27cm depth that qualify them as a result of the superior shelf model among the Danish company’s entry-level speaker range.

As is that the Dynaudio way, new drivers are designed specifically for every Emit model, with the M20 that includes a 28mm soft dome loudspeaker system and 17cm metal salt chemical compound mid/bass driver – up from the M10’s 14cm.


dynaudio-emit-m20-bookshelf-speakers BY SUBWOOFER MANIA

That larger driver goes an extended thanks to explaining the M20’s larger ambition once it involves authority, scale, dynamics, and bass depth. That is, when all, what you ought to expect from a bigger bookshelf. however a lot of importantly, that hasn’t come back at the expense of musicalness and lightness on the way.

In Ludovico Einaudi’s Ancora, piano sequences take pleasure in signification and texture, to the purpose wherever it sounds not such a lot as if he’s putting keys, but providing you with a private lesson in advanced piano playing.

whereas the M20s will hardly play their sibling’s small card hand, the dimensions and openness they disinter are notwithstanding spectacular Dynamically, the Dynaudio's are invariably on the move within their generous range, proving as capable with explosive changes as delicate ones.

every piano note is solid, precise, and punctual  – albeit in absolute terms they generally trade outright management for fun.

in contrast to some speakers that favor bound music genres, the Emit 20s are game for everything, as well as the glitchy synths and intensely exciting electro-beats in 65daysofstatic’s  They whisk through the song with attack and explosiveness, and even within the most complex, gruff moments realize the discipline and rigor to select out the multiple trails of thought – cadenced drums, close stringed instrument lines, cutting cymbals – while not sidelining any element.

They exhibit the audacity of the painter Opticon 2s, however, stabilize it with a pleasing smoothness and refinement, which winning algorithmic program makes them therefore listenable and versatile.

tho' they aren’t quite as versatile with poorer recordings, the M20s aren’t afraid to raise the lid on the slight bright and uptight quality of The Cure’s Kiss Pine Tree State, Kiss Me album, revealing the recording’s affected nature. While that’s more proof of their transparency, it’s additionally a warning that you just won’t get the simplest from them taking part in below-par recordings.

Nor can you by shoving them up against a back wall, for once it involves placement they need a small amount of area to hit the correct tonal balance.

Toeing them in slightly helps with stereo imaging too, so after we end our testing with Traffic’s alcoholic beverage should Die, tambourines, flutes, and stringed instrument plucking are all exactly mapped on the sonic landscape.


With each of the M10 and M20 bookshelves receiving five-star reviews and cluster Test-winning status, it’s a completely spectacular 2 from two for the Emit series

If you, or rather your room, determines that the additional scale, dynamic vary, and bass the better, the M20s are bang on the money.

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