Radiotehnika Alfa 1.02 Review

Radiotehnika Alfa 1.02 Review

Radiotehnika Alfa 1.02 Review

Radiotehnika Alfa 1.02 Review

“In this changing world of momentary trends, one-day companies and new trends, our century-old history allows us to stay true to the tradition of quality by incorporating modern engineering solutions into our products, to create high-end audio equipment and quality audio accessories for people who are passionate about music,” perhaps the best start for today's review is out of the question.

The slogan for a new stage in the history of Radiotehnika hits right on target, right on target. But, on the other hand: what is left in Radio Engineering from the old days? How does this idea of ​​the company differ from the next freshly baked novelty of the handiwork of any arbitrary brand? 

Radiotehnika Alfa 1.02 Review

Oh, and the developers were in a difficult situation! On the one hand, the timing is right: forgotten trend brands are being revived, raising the dust of melancholy from the sidelines of history. The faded logos that were once famous throughout the vast country are being polished to a shine. Pride, greatness, postulates.

But we know that in our age of information flows nothing can be concealed, and greatness, relying on postulates, can sometimes ask pride to move a little. However, it’s definitely not worth using this template everywhere, because someone can really try, lift it from their knees and polish, and here we are with our template.

Alpha 1

Everyone remembers the legendary S-90 speakers in all variations. Big, loud, often without gloss and monograms, but so desirable for any music lover of the golden era. It was large-scale, goosebumps impressive and simply solid - after all, the price tag was not at all affordable and not everyone could afford to have such a luxury at home.

Radiotehnika Alfa 1.02 Review

Now everything is completely different. The consumer way of life tends to occupy all the free space on the store shelves with even rows of acoustic models. Price tags cover any budget - come, listen, choose, buy. 

In such realities, the production facilities of Radiotehnika have already worked, because, despite the turbulent history of almost a century, the plant continued to produce various acoustic systems in a very tangible past. Then, apparently, a wave of momentary trends nevertheless undermined the core of the company, thereby forming a new pedestal for a solemn revival. XXI century, 2023: Radiotehnika is back in service!

This first step may seem timid to some, but from a rational point of view, it can be considered correct. In any case, a start has been made: the Alfa acoustic line has occupied one of the most budgetary niches. But despite this, flyers claim that Alfa is modern technology, which is insured by centuries of tradition. A successful scheme that has been proven more than once, which, with the proper approach, attracts thousands and thousands of loyal fans. 

Radiotehnika Alfa 1.02 Review

The series includes a traditional kit for creating a home theater: shelf acoustics Alfa 1.01, floor standing speakers Alfa 1.02, center channel Alfa 1.03 and a subwoofer with an index of 1.04. Let's start with the outdoors.

Age-old traditions with a clear example

Now Radiotehnika looks like this. Well, to be honest, another form factor is not required at this stage. Alfa 1.02 is the usual format floor-standing columns with a height of almost a meter, which look like ... Like floor acoustics. There was no place for designer delights here, but it is also very easy to spoil this price range with hints of the bourgeois.

Let it be better like this: simple, uncomplicated, but most importantly, neutral. The traditional MDF cabinet is covered in vinyl in one color option called Black Ash. The front panel remains pure black, with classic grill mount recesses. The study of corners and joints gives a positive result: the budget segment has learned how to make cosmetics perfect, the assembly is also not satisfactory.

Radiotehnika Alfa 1.02 Review

The rear panel has placed a pair of phase inverters and a docking station for receiving speaker cables. The lower one is the traditional four spikes. In principle, the review of the exterior could have been completed on this, if not for one “but”: three drivers on the front panel, two of which fancifully shimmer in the spotlight.

Everything is predictable with the tweeter - this is an inch driver with a silk dome, which is located in a shallow three-stage waveguide. But with the other two speakers, everything is completely unpredictable. The material of the diffusers is impressive: microparticles of molten glass are applied to the cellulose base (that's where the shine comes from!), which, as it turned out, gives the diffuser such characteristics on the stiffness / lightness scale that Kevlar itself can envy. This technology is called Polyglass and is successfully used in the entire line of Radiotehnika Alfa acoustics.

Radiotehnika Alfa 1.02 Review

A pair of speakers here sound the entire mid-bass range, which is often found in this price segment, but the implementation is always different. And so that the two speakers do not shake the case especially strongly, the cabinet is reinforced from the inside with spacers.

In general, the appearance of Alfa 1.02 can draw some parallels to the retro theme. And you might as well not do it. As you can see, modern elegance here gave way to manufacturability, allowing engineers to bring to life something completely new for the revived brand.

Why Polyglass speakers?

By and large, the atmosphere was right. The triangle was isosceles, the chair was comfortable, and the Radiotehnika RTM01 amplifier became a worthy companion for Alfa 1.02.

Radiotehnika Alfa 1.02 Review

To begin with, we can make a brief digression into the manufacturer's advertising printing and highlight the main terms for describing the sound: “surprisingly voluminous and detailed”, “they sound really big”, “suitable for rooms up to 30 square meters”. In principle, a fairly standard arrangement of phrases.

But what else could be written? It’s not worth going too far here, because we are talking about floor standing speakers for a little over 40 thousand, and picking up too simple expressions means not loving yourself at all. Therefore, now your attention is invited to the other side of the coin: alternative music lover printing with audiophile inclusions and analysis by genre. 

Let's start, perhaps, with one of the reference tracks: "In Their Own Names" performed by Tatyana Zykina. It is not known for certain where and how this album was recorded, but the impressions from Tatyana's texts, and from the melodies, and from the quality of the recording remain the most pleasant.

Radiotehnika Alfa 1.02 Review

Radiotehnika Alfa 1.02 in the same track confirms the title of large-scale and voluminous speakers: the scope turned out to be really good, with the transfer of the atmosphere and languor of Tatyana's hints. The composition was built softly and smoothly, no lunges or distortions to the side were found.

The only remark, henceforth: "Alpha" had to be deployed strictly on the listener, for a more accurate scene. Clarification to this remark: the area of ​​the Audiomania showroom, where the test took place, is much larger than the declared 30 meters, and there was more than enough space behind the listener. In general, there are enough high frequencies in quantity, they are organic and unobtrusive, so turning the acoustics on the listener of bad jokes will not play with you.

The OST from the movie "Joker" can be attributed to the same category. There is drama, there is atmosphere and scale, but, as they say, “without strain”. This is quite an expected result, in addition to which the main impression can be singled out: Alfa 1.02 copes well with this kind of atmospheric compositions, evenly distributing the stage even in a vertical plane, thus forming a pleasant hemisphere around the listener.

Radiotehnika Alfa 1.02 Review

If we go from the opposite side of tastes and turn on something from the modern electronic repertoire, then here we will meet the answer to the question asked at the beginning of the chapter. For example, the track “Pink Panther” by Solee: the density of the bass line gives a reason to slightly round the eyes. This is something new!

The emphasis here is shifted towards attack, but jumps to bass depths remain within the bounds of decency - without this, the track would sound simply unrecognizable, but with Alpha it turned out to be very interesting. After such an experience, I had to look for another obligatory track - “Help Me Lose My Mind” from London Grammar: the test for dynamics at the beginning of the track was successfully passed.

But the questions still remain: why was such a prominent aspect of these speakers not mentioned in the promotional brochures? After all, it's really great to get such dynamics in the lower register, without neglecting either the depth of the bass or the integrity of the rest of the ranges. Mystery.

Radiotehnika Alfa 1.02 Review

Slayer comes up next. Well, what if all of a sudden? Although the track "World Painted Blood" is definitely not worth joking with. It turned out that the speed of drums in such genres for Alfa 1.02 is not a problem at all. The bass keeps up, works out, keeps the rhythm. But with distortion, not everything is so smooth, since the general accent of acoustics is shifted more into macro than into micro-contrast.

But in general, everything is heard, and if we leave the pettiness inherent in audiophiles, then such music is successfully listened to on Radiotehnika, does not cause a desire to quickly change the track. Igorrr confirms these conclusions.

Obviously, something similar happened with classical music. But here the atmosphere of the speakers played a plus, they take on a scale, not limiting a symphony orchestra to a chamber one. Violins remain violins, the emphasis on macro does not constrain the self-expression of the instruments, but only slightly hints: first of all, pay attention to the scale, gentlemen. And then listen as you wish.


Radiotehnika Alfa 1.02 will not win you over with waxed cabinets, gilding and chrome on the border. It looks like the money went to another, more important component in this budget - the sound. Here again, a comparison with the age-old traditions from the booklet suggests itself, and, most likely, there is no getting away from it.

After all, it turned out to keep almost the same scale of sound, not to sell obsession under the guise of detail, to leave attempts to please the visuals, and in return to put at the feet (ears, if you like) the listener a little more sound than the budget allows.

Radiotehnika Alfa 1.02 Review

Alfa 1.02 will delight you with the collected bass, get rid of the reasons to squint your eyes in response to your favorite heavy metal, retain the volume and atmosphere of even a sparkling recording. After such impressions, only one thing remains: to look forward to the Gamma and Vita lines announced on the manufacturer's website - those that are older.


affordable price tag; atmospheric, surround sound; fast punchy bass


one color option


Radiotechnika Alfa


Type: floor acoustics

Acoustic design: phase inverter

Number of speakers: 1 x tweeter (2.5 cm, silk dome); 2 x mid/bass (Polyglass cone)

Number of stripes: two

Frequency range: 50 - 20000 Hz

Rated impedance: 4 ohms

Sensitivity: 89 dB

Recommended amplifier power: 25 - 150 W

Rated / peak power (IEC 268-5): 100 / 200 W

Dimensions (WxHxD): 200 x 992 x 313 mm

Weight: 17.8 kg

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