Nubert goes Bluetooth: Nubert nuGo! One in testing

Nubert goes Bluetooth: Nubert nuGo! One in testing

Nubert goes Bluetooth: Nubert nuGo! One in testing

Nubert goes Bluetooth: Nubert nuGo! One in testing

The one-box system Nubert nuGo! One is the smallest speaker in the range. Nevertheless, the 25 x 7.9 x 14.1 cm Bluetooth speaker cast long shadows. After all, the speaker specialist from Schwäbisch Gmünd had a reputation to lose. And the fact that the device is not manufactured at the company's headquarters, but in China, certainly didn't make things any easier for the ambitious medium-sized company.

The result is a system weighing 1.6 kilos that is processed as cleanly as you know it from Nubert - and looks as stylish as you have not been used to from Nubert before. It is protected against splash water according to IPX5 and is also mobile thanks to the battery. But with its all-around fabric coat, you really don't want to expose it to the elements of the wilderness.

Nevertheless, the Nubert nuGo! One to show what he's got while on vacation. With its DAB+ and FM tuner, it is ideally suited as a news source far away from home. But you can also connect a playback device via a 3.5 mm analog jack. Nubert also promises a record-breaking 24-hour runtime away from the socket, where you can charge the device with the USB power adapter supplied.

Nubert nuGo! One: Simplicity also counts in the operating concept

The reduced controls can all be found on the top of the nuGo! One. There is a turn and push button and a button to return from the respective menu - just as you know it from some cars. With the Nubert, however, the devil is in the details. If the 2.9-inch OLED display had a touch function, everything could be so easy. That's not the case. So there is a crucial trick. Pressing alone is not enough to change the source, for example. You have to hold down the easy-to-handle rotary knob for three seconds to advance. But the operation of the menus is also a bit tricky, especially at the beginning when you are using the nuGo! One is not yet so familiar. So the desire for a remote control quickly arises.

As far as the driver assembly in the plastic housing is concerned, Nubert enters with the nuGo! uncharted territory. He relies on two 6.5 cm full-range drivers and a passive radiator for bass support.

Nubert goes Bluetooth: Nubert nuGo! One in testing

Great class in the listening test

The nuGo! One at Nubert's neutral line. And the promised depth of 60 Hz, which proved to be credible in the listening test, builds a bridge to the house's hi-fi speakers. While voices sounded balanced but a bit pale, the bass provided an aha effect. It's hard to believe how deep and precise the small speaker reproduced the lower octaves. The dry punch and the unrivaled ability to differentiate for this weight class were convincing.

The treble complemented the sound quite unspectacularly but suitably dosed. There was even a certain spatiality despite the small base width of the two-channel system. The level stability is also impressive. What was annoying, however, was the short "translation" of the volume control. You had to crank forever to get the nuGo! One to make steam. The fact that the control in the device is not synchronized with the smartphone also proved to be a handicap.

Despite the kick in the bass, the balanced playback is not aimed at party fans, but at Nubert users who want to take their familiar sound outside or on vacation. In this context, the high sound and reception quality of the DAB+ tuner should be emphasized. The FM tuner was also convincing, at least in terms of low noise. In terms of sound, however, it lags behind digital radio in terms of liveliness.

Conclusion Nubert nuGo! One

Nubert succeeds with the nuGo! One marks the entry into a new segment, which it enriches with its high-fidelity sound and the variety of available program sources. You can easily get over small weaknesses in the operation.

Technical specifications

Nubert nuGo! One

Concept: Mobile Bluetooth speaker

Performance: 2 x 20 watts

Special feature:   dial

Inputs:              3.5 mm jack, Bluetooth

Dimensions (W x H x D): 25 x 7.9 x 14.1 cm

Weight:                  1.6 kilograms

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