svs sb 4000 vs sb13 ultra

svs sb 4000 vs sb13 ultra

svs sb 4000 vs sb13 ultra

svs sb 4000 vs sb13 ultra

SVS SB 4000 Pors and Cons


  • The pair of SB-4000s blended with my main speakers and provided a solid, deep bass foundation with both music and movies without calling attention to themselves.
  • I was able to obtain smooth, accurate bass down to 20Hz across all three of the listening positions in my room. 
  • The SVS app allows for easy, precise, and repeatable adjustments making system integration much easier, especially if you have multiple configurations. 
  • The stereo input and outputs allow for use in dual, co-located systems without cable swapping. 


  • The lack of an automated equalization system, a feature common on other subwoofers, makes setup a more hands-on process with the SVS subwoofers.
  • The sealed SB-4000 has significantly less output than its ported brother, the PB-4000, especially below 50Hz. While a pair of SB-4000s pressurized my listening room without obvious strain at all reasonable listening volumes, they did not provide as much of the chest punch that Dennis found with the PB-4000. I note that this is also a function of room size and placement.

SVS SB13 ULTRA Pros and Cons


  • Excellent subjective and measured performance
  • Compact size with generous headroom
  • Top-notch fit & finish
  • Internal DSP provides an insane amount of flexibility
  • FREE Shipping!


  • A plethora of internal DSP options may prove overwhelming to some
  • Multiples may be required for headroom in large spaces

svs sb 4000 review

svs sb 4000 vs sb13 ultra

 The products of the American brand SVS do not suffer from a lack of press attention, especially subwoofers. Released some time ago, the 16-Ultra series has collected awards, and the creators of the bestseller decided to repeat the success. The new 4000 series is based on 16-Ultra technologies and quite rightly receives high ratings from specialized publications both at home in the US and in Europe. Among other things, the SVS SB-4000 model managed to receive the EISA award as the best cinema subwoofer of the 2018-2019 season.svs sb 4000 vs sb13 ultra

Not just a cube

Most subwoofers today look like a cube, most often black. It would be wrong to say that the SVS SB-4000 is no exception in this regard, although formally it also falls under this description. The large cabinet, made of medium density MDF, has rounded sides and is available in two finishes: black oak or black piano lacquer. Both are good enough that you don't want to hide the subwoofer far behind the sofa. Rather, on the contrary, I want to put it in a prominent place.

The front upper face has a cutout on which the display and control buttons are located. A cutout similar in shape has a metal perforated grill of complex shape. It is removable, but at the same time, it is attached to the body as securely as possible. The tapered rubber feet are intended for vibration isolation, but even they are perceived as part of the design concept. Both the appearance and the high build quality of the subwoofer clearly hint at the high status of the model, as well as the fact that its creators are not devoid of imagination and a sense of style.

power reserve

When getting acquainted with the technical side of the question, I would like to ask the SVS SB-4000 subwoofer one question: “Who are you, monster ?!” And all because a real monster is hiding behind a double-layer 13.5-inch fiberglass-cellulose cone, framed by a rubber suspension. The voice coil has a diameter of 3 inches and is wound with 8 layers of flat aluminum wire. This approach minimizes distortion and electrical losses that occur inside the coil, while still allowing the speaker to withstand kilowatts of power.

The magnetic system with a total weight of more than 17 kg includes two ring ferrite magnets, an oversized vented core (made of mild steel), and a copper ring that equalizes the induction. The speaker is assembled in a cast aluminum basket, durable, but in no way impeding the free flow of air. The maximum working stroke of the speaker is 76.2 mm, and this despite the fact that the rubber suspension and the centering washer have a high degree of elasticity - by pressing on the diffuser, it can hardly be displaced by a centimeter.svs sb 4000 vs sb13 ultra

Driving such a monster requires an amplifier with extraordinary talent, and SVS engineers have installed just such. It operates in Class D and delivers 1200W of RMS power, peaking up to 4000W. The output stages are built on discrete elements, and for the sake of high dynamic characteristics, a switching power supply with a reduced noise level is used. The decision is quite reasonable because a transformer capable of providing a one-time release of such an amount of energy would have monstrous dimensions, besides, pulsed power, due to technical features, is much better suited for this kind of task.

There is only one way to keep such a powerful device in place - by providing a large mass, and the SVS SB-4000 has it. This subwoofer weighs almost 50 kg and it is very problematic to simply move it.

svs sb 4000 vs sb13 ultra

Innovation and management

The design of the SVS SB-4000 itself is impressive, but what is more interesting is how the controls are implemented. The subwoofer has low-level balanced and unbalanced inputs that are fed to an Analog Devices 50 MHz digital processor that performs dual signal processing at 56-bit depth. This allows you to achieve not only high accuracy in signal conversion, but also significantly expands the available set of settings, going beyond the usual three parameters.

In addition to the phase, volume, and cutoff frequency adjustments, the subwoofer has a parametric equalizer that allows you to reduce or increase the output at any frequency, making a peak or dip of the desired width. Room resonances are compensated separately. For them, you can choose only the frequency and intensity of resonance suppression.

But even these extremely useful features pale in comparison to how brilliantly implemented subwoofer control. To get a feel for the full engineering genius of the SVS, let's take a look at how we usually set up a subwoofer. First, a point in the room is selected where (purely theoretically) the subwoofer should work normally. After that, the user, in the pose of an avid gardener hanging over his favorite garden bed, tries to reach the subwoofer controls, simultaneously considering how much the sound he hears (near the emitter) is comparable to what is obtained at the listening point.

Having taken a vertical position and returned to the chair, the user realizes the futility of life and recalls the “opposite” tuning technology, when the subwoofer is “seated” in the chair in the listener’s place, and the installer begins to wander around the room in search of the point where the bass is best heard. After that, the subwoofer goes to this magic point, and the user again falls to the tuning knobs in the hope of catching that cherished configuration when everything will be heard and nothing will buzz.

The SVS SB-4000 subwoofer has three control methods that can negate all the aforementioned suffering. The first thing that immediately catches your eye is that the buttons are located on the front upper edge of the case. In combination with the display, they already allow you to calmly adjust the subwoofer without taking exotic poses from the national garden yoga. The second tuning tool is the remote control, which duplicates the aforementioned buttons and, if you have keen eyesight, allows you to adjust the subwoofer while sitting at the listening point.svs sb 4000 vs sb13 ultra

Well, the third way is just what the doctor ordered for absolutely everyone, whether you are an experienced installer or a novice user. The SVS mobile app, connected to the subwoofer via Bluetooth, allows you to make absolutely all the settings using a simple and intuitive interface. I especially want to note the fact that the application worked immediately after installation. It was enough just to click on the name of the subwoofer in the interface - and you could proceed with the installation. No Wi-Fi connection for you, no circles spinning for three minutes saying “Wait, connecting.” You just take it and set it up. Each subsequent access to the application also happened instantly, without slowdowns at the moment the gadget was connected to the subwoofer.

The architecture of the application menu is simple and intuitive, which is especially important when it comes to equalizer settings. The settings can be saved in three presets, switching them depending on the type of content being played and the mood. And if it is definitely convenient to set up a subwoofer using a smartphone or tablet, it is easier to switch presets using the remote control or by programming these three commands into a universal remote control.

Continuing this theme, one can fantasize that the subwoofer would not be hindered by control interfaces that would automatically switch settings at the same time as switching the projector's operating mode or when switching from cinema to listening to music. However, this is in principle feasible already now, with the help of an IR emitter. Gross, but it will work.

Sound versions

Given the presence of a parametric equalizer and a room correction function, it is not necessary to talk about the pronounced character of the subwoofer sound. If you hear that a certain note is emphasized in the sound, or, conversely, you feel a lack of bass, arm yourself with a sound level meter and test signals, pick up a smartphone and adjust the sound. If there is little bass in a particular area - the same recipe. However, nothing prevents us from evaluating the dynamic qualities of the subwoofer and the degree of accuracy of its work.

In situations where there is no abuse of the amount of bass in the settings, and room resonances are defeated, the SVS SB-4000 subwoofer is completely devoid of the tendency to hum, drag out or blur notes. Even if it's a rumbling low bass sound, you'll hear every beat, every boulder thud, falling slab hit, or whatever's happening on-screen at that moment. The overall sound is focused, crisp, and frighteningly fast at just the right moments. Shots and explosions are practiced perfectly, so after a couple of episodes, you already begin to prepare in advance, realizing what will happen next.

Listening conditions (as well as the absence of any desire to damage your own hearing) did not allow you to turn up the volume to such a level that the subwoofer went into distortion or showed at least two-thirds of the working stroke. Although I had to bring competitors of comparable dimensions to the limit more than once. For its size, the SVS SB-4000 delivers amazing performance, and its power reserve seems to be limitless.svs sb 4000 vs sb13 ultra


The SVS SB-4000 is good only for how clear and dynamic it sounds, as well as for how large its undistorted power reserve is. With such talents, he already has the right to claim the title of "king of the home theater." The design and quality of workmanship are also commendable. The manufacturer did not allow himself any rudeness and deliberate reduction in the cost of construction.

But the most deadly argument in favor of this model is, of course, management. It is extremely functional and allows you to completely change the sound according to your own preferences or for the sake of conforming to the standard. At the same time, the variety of control methods is pleasantly pleasing. The application will be extremely convenient for setting up, and for everyday use, it will be more convenient to use the remote control or an IR transmitter that integrates it into the automation system.svs sb 4000 vs sb13 ultra



Acoustic design: closed

Speaker: 13.5" long-throw

Frequency range: 19-310Hz +/- 3dB

Amplifier: 1200W RMS, 4000W peak

Controls: DSP volume, phase, cutoff frequency, parametric equalizer, room resonance compensation

Inputs: Low-level stereo XLR and RCA

Outputs: low-level stereo XLR and RCA

Dimensions: 465x453x530 mm

Weight: 46.4 kg


svs sb 4000 vs sb13 ultra

SVS, a manufacturer of subwoofers, speakers, and other audio products based in Ohio, USA, specializes in developing affordable, high-performance audio systems that are sold directly to the customer. The SVS product line contains a rich variety of speakers of various designs, prices, and cabinet types, including sealed and equipped with ports. The SB13-Ultra ($1599) is the flagship subwoofer model in a series of "compact" speakers in sealed enclosures. The irony of the word "compact" in quotation marks will become clear after the dimensions of this model: the subwoofer weighs 42 kg with a length of 43 cm on each side (if you add a grille, the depth will increase by another 8 cm). The subwoofer has a visually pleasing design with clear contours, rounded side edges, metallic finishes, and aggressive lines.

There are two types of people: audiophiles and non-audiophiles. We, brave audiophiles, in principle, do not care what the speaker looks like and what its dimensions are, we will clear a place for it if the epithets of wide, deep, smooth, warm (you can continue this list yourself) are applicable to its sound. Other users attach fundamental importance to appearance, so this category of music lovers SVS provides a 45-day trial period, during which you will have time to weigh, evaluate and decide everything. The SB13-Ultra subwoofer is finished with natural wood veneer and has a high-gloss black finish. This model is equipped with a 1000-watt STA-1000D amplifier and a high-performance 13.5-inch Ultra brand speaker. The frequency response is 20-460Hz ± 3dB.


The SB13, like all SVS subwoofers, offers a variety of connection options that allow you to connect to almost any system. The same can be said about the feature set, which includes low- and high-pass filters, high-frequency delay, room compensation for systems that do not have built-in bass level adjustment tools. The SB13 is equipped with a parametric equalizer, but before resorting to using it, try to find the best place to install it. Given that we all live in apartments with different layouts, it is not always possible to avoid the use of an equalizer, so the SB13 has not one, but two of them, which in certain situations can help solve the problem of booming bass.

svs sb 4000 vs sb13 ultra


Having thoroughly studied the SB13-Ultra, literally turning it in your hands, which, with a weight of 42 kg, is comparable to a feat, only one drawback comes to mind - that it belongs to the category of compact models. This subwoofer is a real beast, but a beast in a good way. This is the Lamborghini Aventador of the subwoofer world: fast, imposing, beautiful, and high performing. More disadvantages? No more.


Having bought a subwoofer of this class, do not be surprised that your neighbors will look at you with mute reproach. Treat this with understanding, because because of your SB13-Ultra, their furniture will acquire the ability to spontaneously move around the apartment. The bottom line is that this audio system is worth every dollar of the amount you spend. Whether you're a movie buff or an avid audiophile (or both), the SB13 gives you what you've come to expect - deep bass. If Lamborghini could be connected to a home theater or made part of a home sound system, it would be called the SVS SB13-Ultra.


  • Design: Sealed Enclosure
  • Driver: One SVS 13.5″ High-performance Ultra Driver Optimized for Sealed Enclosures
  • Amplifier: 1,000 watts RMS Continuous (3,600 Watts Peak), Class D
  • MFR: 20 Hz – 460 Hz, ± 3 dB
  • Inputs: 2 RCA Unbalanced and 2 XLR Balanced
  • Outputs: 2 RCA Unbalanced and 2 XLR Balanced
  • Dimensions: 17.9″ H x 17.4″ W x 20.4″ D
  • Weight: 92 Pounds
  • Finishes: High Gloss Piano Black or Black Oak Real Wood Veneer
  • MSRP: $1,599 USD
  • SVS
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