Sony WF SP800N Review

Sony WF SP800N Review

Sony WF SP800N Review

Sony WF SP800N Review

The Sony WF-SP800N is Sony's new wireless earbuds for active people and sports enthusiasts with active noise cancellation (ANC) and excellent sound quality.

The Japanese company is famous for its quality products, one example of this is the WF-1000XM3 model. The headphones have excellent sound quality, microphones, active noise cancellation and almost no flaws. However, even Sony has failed products - for example, the WF-SP700N headphones, the previous model from the line in question. The gadget has a weak battery, and noise suppression does not work well.

With the release of the WF-SP800N, Sony wants to correct its past shortcomings, although the new headphones will cost a little more than their predecessor - from $150.

Sony WF SP800N Review

Sony WF SP800N Review

Design and appearance

Headphones Sony WF-SP800N have the same design that we are used to seeing on other models - they have an oblong body, slightly protruding from the ear. The company abandoned the strange bean shape that was in the WF-SP700N, but the case here is still larger than most modern analogues.

Sony WF SP800N Review

They are quite heavy - each weighs 9.5 grams, which is 1 gram more than the XM3 and almost twice as much as the Jabra Elite 75t. Nevertheless, this weight does not seem uncomfortable, and thanks to the comfortable silicone tips, they do not fall out of the ears.

Sony WF SP800N Review

Due to the dimensions and nozzles, the charging case has also become larger. However, it is smaller than the case for Powerbeats Pro, and even more so for the WF-SP700N, the case does not fit into any pocket. Unlike the more expensive AirPods Pro, it can't be charged wirelessly, only via a USB-C cable.

Sony WF SP800N Review

Management and convenience

As in the XM3, all control of the Sony WF-SP800N occurs through touch pressing on certain areas of the case. They are read accurately, there are practically no random ones, although only the upper half of the front part of the headphones is sensitive. You'll have to get used to looking for specific areas at first, rather than just clicking on any part.

Sony WF SP800N Review

Many people probably prefer the physical keys, as in the Jabra Elite 75t, although Sony's control is implemented very well. By default, through touch taps, you can play and stop music, switch songs, answer or end calls, turn on noise reduction, and call the voice assistant.

Sony WF-SP800N Review

Nevertheless, commands can be configured through the application - for example, one of the listed actions can be reassigned to change the volume. As with most premium wireless earbuds, the WF-SP800N stops audio when you take the earbud out of your ear.

Sony WF-SP800N Review

Noise cancellation and microphones

Sony deserves credit for the quality of its Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) - the company has contributed to its spread like no other. While the WF-SP800N doesn't have the powerful chipset to power this feature like the WF-1000XM3, it's safe to say that the noise cancellation here is excellent.

Sony WF-SP800N Review

Almost any noise is blocked without problems, whether it be the rumble of passing cars or the sounds of a working vacuum cleaner. But, while running, the wind entering the microphones can be mistaken for noise by the headphones, which should be drowned out, although this is not too big a problem. Moreover, due to the nozzles, the sound is perfectly isolated in a natural way, so the ANC function can not even be turned on indoors.

Sony WF-SP800N Review

Despite some wind issues with the noise canceling feature, the Sony WF-SP800N handles calls just fine. During a call, the sound is so clear that it seems as if a person is speaking directly through a smartphone. For wireless in-ear headphones, this is a rarity - you usually have to sacrifice sound clarity when making calls.

Sony WF-SP800N Review

Sound quality and software

Sony WF-SP800N Review

The sound from the Sony WF-SP800N comes out soft and rich, all the heights are worked out, the vocals remain clear and detailed in any composition. The soundstage is voluminous, which allows for an immersive effect not found in most cheaper models. Everything here is excellent and with bass. Low frequencies are deep and natural without drawing your attention to themselves.

Sony WF-SP800N Review

If you like to play sports with energetic music, these headphones are definitely for you. However, if you prefer a quieter sound, you can always adjust it via the equalizer in the Headphones Connect app. The style of the music played here can always be chosen to your taste.

Sony WF-SP800N Review

Sony WF-SP800N autonomy and alternatives

The result of 9 hours of noise cancellation puts this model on a par with the Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus, when no other wireless headphones on the market can match the real 13 hours of battery life. The closest result is 11 hours for the Samsung Galaxy Buds +.

But the cover - the charger is enough for only one charge, which is strange, given its size. But even with this in mind, 26 hours is an incredible figure. According to Sony, 10 minutes of recharging is enough for an hour of listening to music, and this is true.

Sony WF-SP800N Review

Alternatively, you can choose the Jabra Elite 75t, which are slightly cheaper. The battery here is weaker, and there is also no noise cancellation. In terms of sound, they are similar, although the dimensions of the case and headphones are much smaller.


Even with the price of $199.99, Sony WF-SP800N are great wireless headphones. It has everything you need: high-quality sound, good active noise cancellation, an incredibly durable battery and full IP55 water protection. Yes, the charging case is a little big and it can't be charged wirelessly, but those are the only major downsides to the model.

Specifications Sony WF-SP800N

A type




Bluetooth version


Kodak Bluetooth


Voice assistants

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa или Siri



Active noise cancellation


Autonomy of work

9 hours (single charge), 18 hours (with charging case)

Body colors

black, blue, orange and white

Size and weight

3.5×2×2 cm, headphone weight 9.53 grams, with case 340 grams



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