svs pb 1000 vs 2000

SVS pb 1000 vs 2000

SVS pb 1000 vs 2000

The American company SVS was founded at the end of the last century and today is well known to all movie and music lovers as a manufacturer of a wide range of subwoofers. We decided to acquaint our readers with these interesting solutions in more detail and took one characteristic model in each of the five series.

Pros And Cons

SVS PB 2000                                                      SVS PB 1000

Pros: Powerful sound;                                    Pros: Fantastic low end extention

- impressively refined;                                         - Seamless integration

- competitively priced;                                         - Build quality

- Build quality                                                      - Price       

Cons: Rather bulky;                                       Cons: big for average living room

- not very attractive;                                              - Power indicator

- only available in black


 Model                             SVS PB 2000                                 SVS PB 1000

 Power                                500 watts                                     300 watts

Driver                                  12 inch                                        10 inch

Min freq resp                     17Hz                                            19Hz

Min freq resp                    260Hz                                          270Hz

Direction                      Front Firing                                    Front firing

Enclosure                 Ported                                          Ported

Controls                    volume , bass adjust                        phase switch, volume

App-Control                        No                                                  No

usage                               indoor                                            indoor

Extras                         Easy integration                              Easy integration

Warranty                        5 years                                             5 years

Certifications                    CE                                                    CE

What Customer says about Audio

SVS Pb-2000

  • This sub woofer is amazing, i listen to a lot of bass heavy music so the upgrade from my 8 inch 100 watt Yamaha to this was much needed. this sub woofer can pump out super low frequencies with ease.
  • Its ability to switch frequencies on the fly is what differentiates it from other sub woofers on the market. when listening to heavy bass EDM such as G Jones, Tipper, or Bassnectar it performs wonderfully and can create massive sound pressure in my room with no problem
  • Good sub that delivers solid low frequencies.
  • Punchy, tight and accurate sound down to about 60hz, Significantly worse from there down.
SVS PB 1000

  • It delivers as much low frequency punch as I will ever need in my (1,500 cubic-foot) home theater room, and the detail is superb.
  • Nice detailed sound for a ported woofer and is very powerful. Perfect for a small to mid size theater.
  • The lower frequencies never sounded more natural in my 25X50 living room, and yes, powerful enough to be felt when called for
  • The low frequencies from it just did not cut it, I hate to say it but the lowly BIC actually did sound better and fuller.
  • Not the most powerful sub out there but for the budget it's really impressive.
  • The low frequency sound gets very muddy and sloppy at times with certain music. Especially with hip hop/trap/trance/deep house

      SVS Pb 2000 OVERALL SCORE          

 Performance: 5/5

    Design: 4/5
    Features: 4/5
    Overall: 4.5/5


Performance: 4.8
Design: 4.5
  Features: 4.2    
OverAll: 4.1/5


All my conclusions about how the differences between the SVS PB 1000 and SVS PB 2000 are subtle with music are thrown out the window when it comes to movies. There is nothing subtle about what the SVS PB 2000 offers with true LFE tracks! The opening fireworks that accompany the Disney logo energized the room, while much of their impact was lost when I went back to the SVS PB 1000.

When Clu descends into the light cycle arena in Tron: Legacy, any subwoofer gets a massive workout. The SVS PB 1000 does a very good job of filling the room with the pulsing bass line and the  explosions of the fireworks overhead. Switching to the SVS PB 2000 not only fills the room with more energy, my home theater seats actually vibrate. The SVS PB 2000 moves enough air that it causes my pants to flap in the wind when it sitting 4’ away from them.

When the engines growl during Rush, they really roar with the SVS PB 2000. The feeling of being inside a race car is enhanced when that engine is just as loud as it might be in real life; the room rattles, but I still don’t hear any port noise or other flaws. From the subway crash in Skyfall to giant robot battles in Pacific Rim, everything I own sounds exceptional with a better subwoofer. I really love my PB-1000, but when it comes to movies it just can’t compete with what the SVS PB 2000 can do.

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