Samsung Soundbars 2022: Wireless Dolby Atmos and Smart TV

Samsung Soundbars 2022: Wireless Dolby Atmos and Smart TV

Samsung Soundbars 2022: Wireless Dolby Atmos and Smart TV

Samsung used the CES 2022 exhibition , in particular, for the presentation of its soundbars. Among the new products, the 11.1.4-channel HW-Q990B stands out - the successor to last year's HW-Q950A .

It is followed by the HW-Q930B and the compact HW-S800B. All of them will be able to connect wirelessly to Samsung TVs of 2022, transmitting sound without delay. I wonder how the wireless option works differently from regular HDMI - there is no information on this yet.

The Samsung HW-Q990B model has been supplemented with an improved subwoofer. The system supports high-altitude channels in Dolby Atmos and DTS: X variants. In addition to the soundbar, the set also includes satellites. The second model in the hierarchy - HW-Q930B - will receive a similar package, but without directional drivers in the rear satellites.

As for the HW-S800B model, it attracts attention with its compactness: in cross-section, the novelty can work into a sq. not up to 4x4 cm. Moreover, the upward-directed Atmos speakers additionally fit into these dimensions. it's clear that subwoofer support is enclosed within the wireless version. In addition, the novelty with such dimensions was supplemented with removable case covers of assorted colors.

In addition to these three models, Samsung will have other soundbars in 2022 - for example, the 3.1.2-channel HW-Q700B. Details will be promised later.

Also in 2022, the Samsung Q Symphony system will be improved - one that allows you to complement the soundbar with TV speakers. Q Symphony will now be able to use all speakers, including Atmos (high channel) sources.

One common trend for Samsung's Q-range soundbars is speaker build-up. The updated Q900 has stepped from 7.1.2 to 9.1.2. Q800A - from 3.1.2 to 5.1.2 (added side drivers on the main panel). The configuration is unchanged only for the "700" index - this is 3.1.2.

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