SVS PB 1000 Review

SVS PB 1000 Review

SVS PB 1000 Review
image credit: SVS

 SVS PB 1000 Review

 Today we would like to briefly cut the short, short, but the essence, that is, today we come to unpack the SVS PB1000 subwoofer, the smallest model in the SVS Ported series, or open cabinet itself.

It is also known as the entry-level subwoofer of the SVS at a very affordable price. Who has little budget, little shells And aiming for a subwoofer at the level of 20,000 baht plus / minus will bring heavy compression, watch movies, listen to great music by being able to withstand the brutal low-frequency compression of modern movies without breaking. This one is worth considering. Tried it and it's definitely not a big hit. It can beat it, and its direct competitor, the Klipsch R110Sw, isn't too bad either. But after that, the sub-price at this level shouldn't be broken anymore. (but there are also some brands The price is higher than this. We also have it.) So let's get started.... The specification of this one is

Because PB1000 is the youngest and the price is affordable Therefore, we have to make up our minds and need to overlook some points. Because there must be a point that reduces costs, reduces costs, and doesn't look very comfortable. some, and there are some points where you have to cry, oh my, the quality can go up to the seniors who have a higher price than it... . Now for the sake of speed Let's not be bullshit. Let's get started

Unboxing the SVS PB 1000

SVS, one of the advantages of thumbs up and bow down is the packaging. that no matter how big or small They gave me a double box. and the packaging is tight Puck and looks safer than anyone, he's a friend. The box doesn't look like it is separated, the box is thick, the box is very comfortable, it's very comfortable to move

SVS PB 1000 Review

Condition as in the picture This one compares the box to see with the Klipsch r115sw who is big and who is small. After unpacking You will find a box inside another layer.

SVS PB 1000 Review

Cabinet condition, assembly work, assembly

work must be recited that It's an entry-level model with an affordable price. The cabinet itself is a normal black ash veneer surface, not a high-gloss piano black cabinet like the seniors like SVS PB13, SVS SB2000

. The speaker surface has a closer look. It's patterned as you see, looks raw and not as luxurious. And what's most disturbing is the lled indicator on the front. I just reviewed and criticized the SVS SB13Ultra that the mother doesn't have any lights in the front at all. I don't know if it's working or if the light is on.

Today I would like to go back to saying that Please remove the blue indicator light of the SVS PB1000, it's an ugly blister. and very bright When watching movies, the light is bright enough to annoy the eyes. There is no button to dim the lights on the back, but let's be honest, it's okay..

Another point that must be said that different from seniors like the SVS SB13ultra is the rubber edge, the speaker looks and feels the PB1000 specification is a soft rubber edge. is soft, like the edge of the speaker rubber Looks very flexible, press and dent, which this one does not know that the cabinet is open. Long stroke flowers, so it has to make the rubber edge highly flexible or not? 

SVS PB 1000 Review

Why don't you listen to the sound a bit?

don't babbling make music and not waiting for the end of Burn We immediately caught in the system. Try to continue first, wrong connection, it's dark. Instead of connecting the liner to the in, but pushing it to the Out channel, here, I complained that the Out channel, but pushed it on top, but pushed it in below. When it's dark, I can't see the letters. We will guess that the top channel is In, the bottom channel is Out, and no sound comes out. I almost put it in the box to claim, hehe. Just kidding.

This sound line uses a 10 inch long stroke. How's the sound of SVS PB 1000?

 - Fierce sound, heavy bass, plug and play, adjust the level appropriately, adjust the cross to make it suitable for our main speakers. The bass that comes in contact with the body can be perceived as "wild",

there is no clean word. no profound words or compromise And of course, the bass is an open cabinet. So it's not condensed into a ball and hit the boom, bump, bump, bump, deep, like a closed cabinet like SB13ultra in any way, but the bass will be like bang, boom, bang, like someone has hit the iron hard, hard, but Inside we still felt it was loud. but the inside is not very tight But we felt the impact and it was loud (duh)

 - The highlight is the amount of bass. The bass from this one is the volume of loudness, heaviness, and impact. The bass is fast, heavy, has volume and is loud at the level that people like to watch movies. And definitely like heavy bass. 

 - The firmness of the bass, even if it's an open cabinet. But this one uses 10 inches. Very fast and compact. It's a good ball. Not too spreading and not too introverted too quickly. Still enough with the bass tail spread out a bit. To be juicy and full of bass just right.

If comparing, I would ask permission to compare with Klipsch R110SW at the same price. The firmness is about the same, but the SVS Pb1000 is firm and the early bass beat is fast. and better keep it as a child As for the sound weight and volume, I think they are about the same. No one eats as much, but the PB1000 might have a small advantage over the heavy bass. The bumps are firmer and more satisfying at certain times. But at some intervals, such as a long explosion scene, the R110SW looks richer in terms of a slightly wider bass as well. 

SVS PB 1000 Review

 - Listening to music is very good. I'd like to confirm and be a little surprised why SVS has made subs to listen to this great song. If anyone is a rock leg, luk thung leg, leg who likes to listen to line bass, bouncing and bouncing, I can tell you that this one has good bass, fast, listens to music very much. 

Pros SVS PB 1000

 1. It's another sub that is a good price. The bass is aggressive, heavy, satisfying, emphasizing the volume of sound, shaking the sofa, shaking the window quite well. If you like loud, heavy, clear bass, this one can do it and do it well. I like movie fans who like heavy bass.

 2. Listening to music has a very good rhythm. The bass line is fast and the bass line seems to be tuned just right for the bass guitar, drums, and fun listening to music. Actually, the bass is almost as fast as some closed cabinets. And probably almost the most sensitive one of the open cabinet subwoofers at the price of 20,000 plus minus and has a large 3.5 inch port hole in the front. making it possible to place against the back wall and the wind in this channel is very strong I personally like this one.

  3. This item, I would like to compliment from the bottom of my heart, under the look-cheap (cheap) and see the cost-cutting power. We discovered one very nice point: the volmue knob and other knobs like the included crossover, are not free-spin knobs. by hand like other brands But it is a rotary knob and has a rhythm of it, cackling according to the rhythm that is divided inside. And each beat, we will feel that it is like winding a watch. There was a slight rattling sound. Let us feel that, yes, the work was intended to be done. Not like a free hand to the other brands

 4. This phase dial to adjust the resolution phase. Not adjustable, just 0 - 180 like others at the same price. But this one can adjust the phase in detail Although the adjuster is an analog dial And it's not digital like older generations like SB13ultra, but don't forget that you only pay for this. How many things will you take? This is good Giving more than other brands as well

wrong in this picture Push it into the Out channel instead of the In channel, but I'm too lazy to get a new battery.

SVS PB 1000 Review

Cons SVS PB 1000

 1. Assembly work looks too raw. The cabinet surface looks inexpensive (cheap), raw until being placed in a room may not look good with the main speaker. If anyone uses luxury speakers, this high-gloss cabinet will have a lot of contrast.

 2. LED indicator shows the status in front of it, can't dim.

 3. Bass is high raw, emphasizing volume, heavy, loud, but the level of firmness and cleanliness is still unable to compete with the closed cabinet. If you want to take the boom and be satisfied with it, this one is right, but if you want detailed work The courtyard was kind of budding and sucking us down. then chest tightness dizzy in deep bass This is not yet (According to the price The liner can do this. I haven't seen one for less than $500.)

SVS PB 1000 Review
This is a deadly led light that catches the eye.

Who is this liner suitable for?

The lining is perfect for people who don't have a lot of room. or did not make a room specifically for watching movies but use some living room Some halls below some living room some bedroom to sit and watch Simply put, they didn't listen very seriously. but wanting to watch the movie to make it fun

This is suitable because the PB1000 can't bring us to immerse ourselves in the subtle details of the bass. Separate details how heavy and deep Anyone who uses it in a good room will know that the bass is rough and raw. But what it does instead is a heavy, smoky bass that's compact and fast enough to make a living room in the middle. Can have fun and it goes with watching movies and listening to music with your eyes.

So it's ideal for entry level players or mid-end players who want a subwoofer that's affordable, good quality and can handle heavy, open-loud recording. You can get it, but you don't have to care too much about the bass quality. Because the bass is quite raw and wild.

This one is a 3.5 inch vent pipe that creates a powerful punch for us to be satisfied.

SVS PB 1000 is not suitable for anyone.

This sub is not suitable for older men who are sensitive to slow, clear, sweet songs such as Chinese songs, or audiophile songs that need more rhythm and bass atmosphere to enhance the mids and treble.

And it's not suitable for people who like bass that spreads around the listening room. For example, when sitting and watching a concert, I feel that there is a mass of bass spreading to the legs at the sofa, moaning softly as the sound base to feel warm and listen to good music.

not like this This sub doesn't go that way like you're going to Chiang Mai. but took the wrong car and pushed it down We ask that you hurry to get out of the car. And change your mind to look at other brands of subs instead...


SVS PB1000 is not the best sub. although it has disadvantages But it was clearly in it. From the design of the cabinet design The wooden surface used looks rough and rough. And its voice is as straight as its face, that is, strong, satisfying, fast, like a small boxer who releases a heavy hook quickly, not sweet, not light, not slow. If you understand this boxer's temperament. and would like to have a cabinet to absorb habits like this in a budget of 20,000 baht, we want to say

This is one of the more brutal subwoofers you'll want to buy, it's truly One of the best budget subwoofers.


Overall Score.

From Some Best review websites.
Audioholics: 10
Subwoofermania: 9.3
h-m-entertainment: 9.0
Avsforum: 8.0

Avaible On UK Stores.

Audioaffair:  Price  -   £519.00
RicherSounds:   Price  -    £399.00
audiovisualonline:  Price  -    £499.00      Price  -    £519.00  Price  -   £849.00

Avaible On USA Stores. Price  -  $499.00


Subwoofer Specs:

Premium black ash finish.

Front-firing 10” driver.

Front-firing 3.5" high-flow port with inner/outer port flares.

Cloth grille with pin/cup retention system

Rigid and strong cabinet construction.

Detachable power cord.

Cabinet Dimensions: 18.9" (H) x 15" (W) x 19.4" (D) (without grille).

Overall Dimensions: 18.9" (H) x 15" (W) x 20" (D) (with grille).

Weight (unboxed): 46 pounds.

Shipped Dimensions: 24" (H) x 24" (W) x 20" (D).

Shipped Weight: 60 pounds.

Driver Specs:

SVS 10" high-performance driver.

FEA-optimized motor technology for low distortion.

High-power voice coil for excellent thermal management.

Long-throw suspension for high output at deep frequencies.

Lightweight Treated Fiber Composite cone for enhanced sensitivity and transient response.

Rubber surround for durability and long-life.

Dual high-grade ferrite magnets.Vented pole piece for greater cooling and low noise.

Amplifier Specs:

Sledge STA-300D with 300 watts RMS continuous power (720 watts peak dynamic power).

Efficient and cool-running Class D topology.

300 watts (720 watts peak dynamic).

Green standby mode with less than 0.5 watts consumption.

Detachable power cord with main power switch.

RoHS compliant, lead-free construction and world-wide safety certifications.

Auto-On / On switch.

DSP control for accurate response and refined behavior under all operating conditions.

Stereo line-level RCA Input & 80Hz High Pass Filtered Output connections.

Stereo speaker level 5-way binding post input connections.

Continuously variable low pass filter frequency with disable/LFE setting.

Continuously variable volume and phase controls.

Input impedance - 47 kΩ (unbalanced RCA) / 2 kΩ (speaker level)


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