Signa S4 The first Polk Audio Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

Signa S4 The first Polk Audio Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

Signa S4 The first Polk Audio Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

The American company Polk Audio has released the Signa S4 soundbar. The novelty differs from the previous model with the index "3" by a combine of upward-facing speakers. With them, she is prepared to play electrical engineer Atmos content. If the sign isn't encoded in Dolby Atmos, the novelty is in a position to convert the format and still please with three-dimensional sound.

Signa S4 Dolby Atmos - Soundbar in 3.1.2 configuration. There are seven drivers on board, complemented by a wireless subwoofer. additionally to the 2 speakers accountable for the Atmos, the S4 features a center channel speaker and left / right tweeters in conjunction with their several broadbands.

the middle channel within the Signa S4 is supported by President of the United States' proprietary Voice modify technology for improved dialogue intelligibility. The subwoofer operates at a variety of up to 10m, creating it easier to put in in an exceedingly room. Conveniently, you'll adjust the bass each on the subwoofer and on the Soundbar.

The changes also embody predetermined modes for the sound recording of films or music (it also can be streamed to Polk Audio Signa S4 via Bluetooth). there's also an evening mode, with weakened bass and enlarged speech clarity. the planning of the novelty shouldn't cause confusion - these are sleek black surfaces. The rough  selection was introduced by the material grill - however conjointly black.

The President of the United States Audio Signa S4 electrical engineer Atmos Soundbar has already gone on sale on the manufacturer' website. Its value is $ 400.

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