martin logan motion 35xti bookshelf speaker

martin logan motion 35xti bookshelf speaker
image credit: Martin Logan

Martin Logan Motion 35xti Bookshelf Speaker

The Motion Series delivers exceptional performance across a wide range of applications by combining superior thin-film technology with advanced traditional components. The Motion Series expands MartinLogan's reputation for richly detailed musical and cinematic experiences at an unbeatable price - from confident people, subwoofers and daring compact speakers, to tone-matched environments and ultra-thin multi-driver systems.


Martin Logan Motion 35XTi are two-way bookshelf loudspeakers from the new Motion series. The Motion Series was inspired by the sound of Martin Logan's ultra-hi-end electrostatic speakers. Martin Logan engineers have carefully designed the Motion Series to create an extremely affordable and compact piece that combines proprietary Folded Motion tweeter technology with powerful bass. The result is speakers with smooth, clear, sophisticated sound and stunning dynamic range. The Motion 35XTi speakers have 6.5 "(165mm) woofers paired with our signature Folded Motion XT tweeters.

martin logan motion 35xti bookshelf speaker

The front panel of the martin logan motion 35xti bookshelf speaker is made of black anodized plastic. The cone of the long-stroke midrange / woofer is also made of black anodized aluminum to match the panel. The emitters are matched through a crossover with an improved topology, assembled on polypropylene capacitors and electrolytes with a low loss factor, as well as hand-wound inductors. The circuit provides thermal and current protection. The bass reflex port is located on the rear wall. The speaker cabinet is assembled from MDF plates with a thickness of 19 mm. A specially designed bass reflex port is located on the rear side, which guarantees low turbulence even at max volume, which favorably affects the purity of the reproduced sound.

The peculiarity of the martin logan motion 35xti bookshelf speaker is that they do not like to play at low and medium volume at all. In this mode of operation, only the midrange remains mainly from the frequency range, and the dynamics becomes inexpressive. As the volume rises, there is a fast, elastic bass and rather detailed highs. However, the lower middle still continues to prevail. The presentation of the musical material is biting. At the same time, we must pay tribute, no extraneous overtones are felt, on the contrary - the overtones sometimes disappear even where they should have been. The model tends to oversimplify instrument timbres a little. At the same time, the ribbon tweeter is very well heard, which gives a characteristic delicate color to the middle-upper range.

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Martin Logan Motion 35xti Bookshelf Speakers Available in Three Luxurious Finishes. 

martin logan motion 35xti bookshelf speaker
image credit: Martin Logan

Martin Logan Motion 35xti Bookshelf Speaker Specifications

Name MARTIN LOGAN Motion 35XTi Red Walnut

Manufacturer MARTIN LOGAN (USA)

Series Motion Series

Device type Bookshelf speaker system

Number of stripes 2

Colour Орех (Red Walnut)

Dimensions, mm 343 x 192 x 300

Weight, kg 8,4

Guarantee 12 months

Main characteristics

Acoustic design Phase inverter

Recommended power, W 20 - 250

Sensitivity, dB 92

Resistance, Ohm 4

Frequency response, Hz - kHz 50 - 25

Number of speakers, pcs 2

Number of strips, pcs 2

Tweeter Folded Motion XT 11.4 cm x 7 cm

Midrange speaker 1 x 16.5cm aluminum cone

Phase inverter Rear

Crossover frequency, Hz / kHz 2200 Hz

Bi-wiring / ampling connection

SVS pc-2000 vs pc-4000

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