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The Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL X features a new, larger XStat ™ electrostatic transducer with a radiation area of ​​over 50 inches 2 than the EM-ESL. The dual 8 '' tweeters are mounted in a non-resonant asymmetric bass reflex chamber (in port). The woofers have custom, high-rigidity paper cones with exhaust drive assemblies.

ElectroMotion ESL X (EM-ESL X) X features a more powerful electrostatic converter and two subwoofers with increased power control capabilities. The flagship model of the Martin Logan ElectroMotion Series Speakers, the X sets a new benchmark for price and performance.

image credit: Martin Logan

The ElectroMotion ESL X comes with an upgraded, bigger XStat (TM) electrostatic transducer, with an area of radiation that is more than 50 inches over the EM-ESL model. The dual 8-inch tweeters are housed inside an asymmetric bass reflex chamber (in port) inside a small package. The woofers feature custom high-quality cones made of paper, with exhaust drive systems. The components in the EM-ESL X are designed to replicate the look and performance of the components that are used on Martin Logan's most expensive loudspeakers. These include separately wound coils for transformers big Steel laminated inductors, Polyester as well as polyester, and DF electrolytic capacitors. Bi-wire terminals that can be configured to have five pins for solid wire connections. Its frequency range is 41-22,000 Hz +/- 3dB. The suggested power of the amplifier is 20 to 400 Watts per channel. The impedance is set at 6 Ohms (1.6 Ohms in 20 kHz). The EM-ESLX X can be used with 8,4, or 6-ohm amplifiers.
image credit: Martin Logan

For the ElectroMotion series, a unique XStat ™ sensor has been developed to reduce the gauge of the steel stators of an electrostatic panel. The reduced size does not affect the performance of the panel. The XStat ElectroMotion - ESL X panel is so visually transparent it almost disappears when you sit and listen.

One of MartinLogan's original designs, CLS ™ (Curvilinear Line Source) technology has been an integral part of every electrostatic loudspeaker we have made, and the Electro Motion ESL X is no exception. Patented manufacturing methods allow electrostatic panels to be built in cylindrical sections. Their gentle horizontal curvature resolves the issue of getting an excellent dispersion of high frequencies from an enormous radiating surface, without compromising overall high quality or reliability.

A true dipole, the ElectroMotion - ESL X emits sound with equal intensity in front and behind its diaphragm, but the outputs are in the opposite phases. As a result, sideways sound waves meet at the speaker's edge and disappear. This and the relatively large size of the ElectroMotion ESL X electrostatic panel result in very low power output compared to a conventional speaker, which in turn minimizes sidewall reflections, which tend to confuse audio detail and stereo imaging. While reducing the sideways power output contributes to the amazing clarity with which electro stats are respected, the energy reflected from the wall behind the speaker unfolds and deepens the sound. For smooth mixing of the audio output from the high and mid-frequency electrostatic panel with the dual-frequency low-frequency system, the ElectroMotion ESL X features a patented Vojtko ™ topological filter using a special air core coil and low DCR steel laminated inductors, polyester film capacitors in series, and electrolytic capacitors with low DF in parallel.

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ElectroMotion - The ESL X features dual 8-inch doped, audiophile-coated fiber subwoofers custom-built for Martin Logan's in-house R&D team. Rigid and lightweight, custom-made subwoofer diaphragm eliminates cone bending and minimizes response time, reaching performance levels approaching the larger, more expensive Martin Logan electrostatic loudspeakers. Configurable 5-pin bi-wire terminals provide reliable wire connections. ElectroMotion - ESL X comes with durable 3 / 8-16 ETC ™ spikes that can be used to fine-tune vertical triggering, improve stability on thick carpets, and create a tighter connection between the speaker and floor for tighter, more detailed bass performance. Each cleat is conveniently closed with removable rubber plugs if you prefer not to use cleats.

Martin Logan ElectroMotion Series. The world's most advanced thin-film transducer technology, electrostatic and compact Folded Motion, in beautiful speaker designs that deliver the highest fidelity and style. The ElectroMotion series sets today's benchmark for speaker price versus performance ...


Name MARTIN LOGAN ElectroMotion ESL X Black

Manufacturer MARTIN LOGAN (USA)

Series ElectroMotion Series

Device type Floor-standing speaker system

Number of stripes 2

Color Black

Dimensions, mm 1503 x 238 x 526

Weight, kg 23,6

Guarantee 12 months

Main characteristics MARTIN LOGAN ElectroMotion ESL X

Acoustic design Electrostatic transducer

Recommended power, W 20 - 400

Sensitivity, dB 91

Resistance, Ohm 6

Frequency response, Hz - kHz 41 - 22

Number of speakers, pcs 3

Number of strips, pcs 2

Tweeter Xstat CLS electrostatic transducer, 102 x 22 cm

Dynamic WC 2 x 20.3 cm, aluminum cone

Crossover frequency, Hz / kHz 400 Hz

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