Revel Concerta2 MI6 Review

Revel Concerta2 MI6 Review

Revel Concerta2 MI6 Review

 Revel Concerta2 MI6 Review

We’re stunned that a whole like Revel hasn’t created a much bigger impact on the united kingdom speaker market. All the ingredients for achievement appear to be in place; the merchandise is well made, solidly built, and, in our experience, tends to sound good. The brand even has the may of parent company Harman behind it to produce further reassurance.

The results represent themselves: the M16s are a bundle of fun. Sure, they will not be the foremost refined selection around, however, they entertain in an exceeding method few value rivals will match. Well worth each penny.

We’re shocked that a complete like Revel hasn’t created an even bigger impact on the united kingdom speaker market all the ingredients for accomplishment seem to be in place; the merchandise is well made, solidly designed, and, in our experience, tend to sound good.

The brand even has the may of parent company Harman behind it to produce further reassurance.

we tend to hope the new Concerta2 series would possibly starter things, notably as a result of the stand mounter of the range, the M16, can bell be} a terrific product.


Revel Concerta2 MI6 Review

A quick scan through the specifications won’t reveal something special. It all appearance pretty customary for the price. These are medium-sized wood boxes packing a 25mm dome loudspeaker and a ported 16cm mid/bass driver. each driver's United States metal diaphragms.

The speakers are single-wired, which is ok with us because it permits funds to be targeting one try of excellent quality speaker cables instead of split between 2 cheaper alternatives.

Take a more in-depth verify the main points and it’s clear the company’s engineers have worked laborious to optimize the performance of what at first appears to be a reasonably routine recipe. That wood cupboard may be a curved, powerfully braced affair that not solely provides a solid, comparatively inert platform for the drive units to figure from, however, looks sensible too.

The weird concave wave guide ahead of the loudspeaker isn’t simply there to create issues that look interesting. It controls the directionality of the tweeter, creating it nearer to it the mid/bass unit at crossover frequencies.

This improves integration during this all-important region. The acoustic lens – the thing seems} sort of a grille in front of the dome – additionally helps too. Associate in Nursing metal cone in an exceedingly mid/bass unit is fairly conventional, however during this case, the cone is coated on either side with a ceramic composite that adds each stiffness and damping – both qualities are essential for a decent performance.

As would be expected with a corporation with the technological may of Revel, both drive units have extremely developed motor systems to minimize a spread of distortions.

Even the rear-firing port isn't simply the straight plastic tube you’d realize on most of the competition. Here it’s bowed to deliver a high output while not adding noise of its own.

place of these things along with Revel’s obsessional development method and you've got a try of speakers which will stand toe-to-toe with the most effective sub-thousand-pound stand mounters around with confidence.


Positioning is easy, place the speakers a minimum of 30cm from a rear wall – and well far from corners and off you go.

All that employment to manage the tweeter’s dispersion extremely looks to pay off as a result of these speakers deliver a wide, open sound stage while not fussing an excessive amount of concerning the number they’re angulate in towards the listening position.


Revel Concerta2 MI6 Review

Listen to a stringent piece of music resembling Tchaikovsky’s Italian region Slave Op.31 and also the M16s can render Associate in the Nursing imposingly expansive stereo image and populate it with exactly targeted sounds. It’s all nicely stratified and remains stable once the music gets busy.

maybe even additional spectacular is that the passionate method these stand mounters deliver large-scale dynamics. They pound out crescendos with relish, refusing to harden up or compress the music even at high volume.

Then there’s the authority of the presentation, helped by Revel’s ability to dig deep inside the bass. These speakers may just be 37cm tall, however, shut your eyes and you’d swear you were being attentive to right-sized floor standers.

Those lows don't seem to be solely powerful but agile and melodious too.

Such low-end ability comes in handy with the likes of Major Lazer’s Pon First State Floor. Here the bass kicks exhausting and true, whereas the speaker’s glorious attack and a firm grasp of lilting drive ensure a full dose of excitement. Don’t go thinking these speakers lack subtlety. Such doubts can vanish once you hear however they influence the likes of Olafur Arnalds or dust-covered Springfield.

That fantastically integrated midrange communicates Dusty’s voice with all the tact and keenness it deserves whereas the speakers’ ability to organize while not sounding dominant works wonders with the Broadchurch OST.

you would like to require care in system matching though. The M16’s clarity is admirable, however, they need a pitiless edge that may simply be angry if the partnering kit is already slightly on the aggressive side.

Comparison to a category leader resembling the (pricier) ATC SCM 11s shows up a deficiency of sweetness therein loudspeaker too.


These things don’t dent our enthusiasm too much.  The M16s are a bundle of fun. they will not be the foremost refined selection around, however, they entertain during an approach few value rivals will match. we predict that’s worth £950 of anyone’s money.


Tweeter: 25mm | Mid/bass driver: 16.5cm | Impedance: 6ohms | Sensitivity: 86dB/w/m | Dimensions: 37 x 22 x 27cm (HXWXD)


Strong dynamics, authoritative bass

Excellent integration 

Rhythmic and punchy


Need care in partnering

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