Buyer’s Guide For 18 inch Subwoofer

Buyer’s Guide For 18 inch Subwoofer

You'll find some of the key differences between different models and brands of 18 inch subwoofer in the market to choose the simplest 18 inch subwoofer for acoording to your needs than have a look on this buying guide which can explain some key features of the 18 inch subwoofers mentioned in in previous article. click here


Maximum power is simply that: absolutely the peak power that the speaker can handle, but only briefly bursts. No subwoofer is capable of working at just its peak power. That’s what the RMS number means, which is vital for understanding the continual peak power that the subwoofer offers. Check both numbers to form sure that your new subwoofer will function as a part of your audio system .


The best 18-inch subwoofers will feature an enclosure constructed out of a durable, hard material which will enhance the heavy-duty nature of the subwoofer. one among the simplest materials for this purpose is MDF (Medium-density Fiberboard). The thicker the fabric , then the more durable and hard-wearing the subwoofer are going to be . Rubber feet are a crucial consideration for the steadiness of the speaker. Metal corners, also as a metal grille (preferably made up of steel), also will make sure that your 18-inch subwoofer is heavy duty and won’t break or be damaged easily.


The two main attributes that contribute to portability are the planning of the handles and therefore the weight of the unit. An ergonomic design – often with handles inside deep recesses – will leave much easier carrying. And then, of course, the lighter the 18-inch subwoofer is, the better it'll be to hold too, but you would like to form sure that the speaker isn’t so light that it's going to move around when the bass is pumping through it.

Voice Coil

When it involves the voice coil in an 18-inch subwoofer, you’ll tend to possess a choice between a 3-inch voice coil or a 4-inch voice coil. The difference between the 2 is minimal, and this feature should only be considered together element of the subwoofer. There’s no got to simply choose one subwoofer over another due to the dimensions difference within the voice coil.

Mountable Stand or Pole

If you’re trying to find an 18-inch subwoofer for live performances, then check if it's pole-mountable, as which will are available handy.

Difference Between Powered/Active and A Passive Subwoofer

A powered or active subwoofer – also referred to as a lively subwoofer – will include an amplifier inside it, whereas a passive 18-inch subwoofer doesn't include an amplifier inside the cupboard . Basically, this suggests that a powered subwoofer is right for people that are employing a audio system that doesn’t include a 3rd party amplifier, whereas a passive subwoofer is merely for people that have an sound system that has an amplifier.

Expert Tip

Don’t forget that deep bass and maximum power isn’t everything when it involves a subwoofer. If you’re planning on using the subwoofer for live performances, then you’ve need to confirm that it isn’t a hassle to hold . Check that it's handles that are either ergonomically designed or a deep-recessed so you don’t need to struggle whenever you carry it into a venue. Of course, the lighter it's , then the better this may be too.

Did you know?

Raymon Dones is that the man who first patented the thought for a subwoofer back in 1964. He then went on to style the Octavium subwoofer which became very fashionable with tons of massive musicians within the 60s and 70s, including The Grateful Dead.


There are some great 18-inch subwoofers on the market which will provide you with the deep bass your current audio system is lacking. The absolute best 18-inch subwoofers are going to be affordably priced, constructed from heavy-duty materials to reinforce durability, offer you tons of peak power and continuous maximum power, and that they will feature an ergonomic design to form portability easier.

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